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Aggression Problem in Dogs | Why Dogs Attack?

Aggression Problem in Dogs | Why Dogs Attack?

It is very difficult to make generalizations about their education when it comes to dogs. Because racial characteristics, age and health status of many factors, such as training in s is effective in obtaining success. Illiteracy cause or worsen behavioral disorders in the dog has stitches . Especially, being late in early obedience training will bring many problems in the future. Aggression is one of these problems. This behavioral disorder in dogs can overwhelm people. But the important thing here is why the dog behaves aggressively. Because aggression problem in dogs is very important like other behavioral problems and there is no quick solution. So the cause of aggressionit should be detected as soon as possible and taken under control with the help of a specialist .

aggression problem in dogs

Aggression Problem in Dogs

Many dogs allow their owners to control the situation. Puppies learn what they can and cannot do by looking at their owners. But some dogs have difficulties in this matter, and when a person asks him to do something he does not like, he can bark, grow, and scratch. Because d , lasting for a man not my own of s wish to check the line . The problem of aggression in dogs begins when they are 18-24 months old, but rarely it can be seen in 4-5 months old puppies. Again, many factors may need to come together for dogs to exhibit aggressive attitudes, or they may be sufficient for only one reason . The causes of aggression behavior are as follows in general terms.


Aggression in dogs can be caused by fear. A dangerous situation to combat mold in case they feel or escape k are forced to choose between. A dog tucked in the corner, and in the case will not escape attack to defend itself in this case flow instinctively run . It can also be seen that a dog who was battered or had a traffic accident attacked while intervening. Dogs can even attack owners and people they trust with trauma shock in such situations .

Hunting Instinct

It is possible for dogs with high hunting instincts or misleading behaviors to be aggressive. Such dogs try to chase and catch people running, especially bikes and motorcycles on the road . Since such a dog is encountered, one should not escape. Because if we are on the vehicle instead of having panic , slowing down and stopping and walking again will prevent the dog from triggering .

Space Protection Instinct

As with many animal species, dogs also have an instinct to own a certain area. Dogs do not like the entrance of foreign people or other animals to their owned areas. This type of aggression can be against foreign people who come to the house as well as against family members.

Lack of Socialization

The problem of aggression in dogs can also be caused by a lack of socialization . Aggression is observed especially in dogs that have to leave their mother very early in the childhood . Because fry s from the family herd rules can learn. This is important for dogs to have a balanced character in later periods . However, since the offspring bought from petshops are deprived of this period, they may encounter many other behavioral disorders, especially aggression.

Mother instinct

Mother dogs can behave aggressively to protect their offspring. This is totally instinctive behavior is by entering the area and we do not have communication with the mother dog with puppies or dogs of the streets I thwarts this problem kısırlaştırarak.

Health problems

Various health problems can be counted among the causes of aggression in dogs . Especially dogs with hyperthyroid disease may exhibit aggressive attitudes. Again, a dog that does not behave normally offensive may have a tumor that pressures his brain under his aggression later in life. It is also known that dogs with chronic pain become aggressive.

The best way to find out if any disease lies under the aggressive attitude of dogs is to be examined by a veterinarian.

In addition, aggression in dogs can occur when they are attached to a place by chain or wire . For this reason, if they are to be looked after rather than at home, it is necessary to create a safe living space for them. Because many dog ​​owners make the mistake of tying their dogs somewhere by chain or wire. This is also a negative thing for dogs and restricts their movements. Dogs whose movement is restricted get stressed and if they are constantly under stress, they may tend to aggressively.

How To Deal With Aggression Problem In Dogs?aggression problem in dogs

Aggression in dogs can be understood from the dog’s fearful body posture and facial expression. As we mentioned before , there are many types of aggression caused by many reasons such as hunting instinct, parenting , field protection motive and pain . B symptoms include flours horror type of aggression is as follows:



Dull posture

Raise the head

Tail lift up

Still face


Again, in case of aggression caused by defense in dogs, the dog’s head is tilted, the tail is down and the body becomes smaller. It is possible to deal with the aggression problem seen in our dog friends. However, patience and self-confidence are required for this. In front of the aggression in your dog by applying the method that we propose below , you can now . But first of all, you should consult a veterinarian to make sure that he does not have any illness.

● Do not punish: You should not try to prevent aggressive behavior by your dog by punishing them. Because pain can cause dogs to become even more aggressive. Therefore, it is useful to direct it with hard and precise commands instead of using force. You may enjoy playing games by making jokes with your dog. But this situation can also infect your dog. In such a situation, he may bite you into the game by overtaking himself.

Understand Your Dog’s Character: Especially dominant character dogs can be overly aggressive when trying to dominate others. In this case, you must prove to your pet friend that you are the boss as an owner and trainer .

Do Not Disturb While Eating or Playing: Another point that should be considered to deal with the aggression problem in dogs should not be disturbed while eating or playing games. Because dogs in this situation can behave aggressively because of the need to protect their own.

Neuter Your Dog : Many behavioral problems, including aggression , can be solved by sterilization in dogs . Because dogs become docile after neutering . K OPEK in sterilization only aggression not only prevent, but also prevent many diseases and provides a longer life of the dog.


In addition, if you do not know the dog in the cage or garden, or you are not completely sure of its character, you should not extend your hand even if you like it. Because the dog can perceive this as an intervention in its area and may prefer to protect its area by biting your hand. Finally, you should not touch an accident or injured dog, even if it is your own dog. Otherwise, it can bite because it hurt. In such a case, first of all, you should wear a dog mouthpiece if not, you should take measures with a belt or similar material and then intervene.

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