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Aquarium Fish Species | The Most Beautiful Aquarium Fish

Aquarium Fish Species | The Most Beautiful Aquarium Fish

Aquarium fish are much easier to maintain than many other pet species. For this reason, they are among the first choices of people who want to feed animals , especially in the apartment . However , even though fish care is easier than other domestic animals, it is a demanding task. Because the aquarium conditions that every fish need are different. Aquarium fish species before installing an aquarium for this and it is useful to obtain information about its features. Also, when setting up an aquarium, the growth capacity of the fish, the fertility rate, the amount of oxygen required for its survival should be taken into account and the aquarium length, the water content and the water temperature should be adjusted accordingly. So, what types of fish can be fed in the aquarium ? What are the living conditions that these fish species need for a healthy life?

Aquarium Fish Species and Features

There are many fish species that can be fed in aquariums. However, if an aquarium with different fish species live together, it should be taken into consideration whether the fish species preferred can live together. Fish varieties fed in the aquarium and their characteristics can be briefly explained as follows.


1. Japanese fish

Aquarium Fish Species
Aquarium Fish Species

Goldfish are creatures of Asian origin. Many types of these fish, both carnivorous and herbivorous, can live in cold water. For this reason, it is not necessary to use a heater if another fish type is not fed in the aquarium where they are located . Again also to lead a healthy life , the water temperature 18-24 should be in the range.

Japanese stomach of fish available. Therefore, they do not have feelings of satiety and it is very important that they are fed in a controlled manner . Again, the fact that goldfish live with different species may cause some problems . For example, they can kill small fish in the aquarium and use them as bait. For this, it will be much more convenient to feed them as one type in the aquarium .

2.Black Moli Fish

moli fish
moli fish

Another type that we can talk about among aquarium fish species is black moli fish. This fish species, which is unique to Mexica, is very hardy. Black moli fish, which can be black, platinum, dalmatian and gold powder, are known as freshwater fish, but can also live in brackish water. It can also be a pretty good choice for newcomers to fish in the aquarium.

Black moli fish exhibit peaceful attitudes in general, although they conflict with other fish in the aquarium during the breeding period. The ideal water temperature for this goldfish, which feeds mostly on plants, is between 21-28 degrees. It is also recommended that the pH of the water be between 7.0 and 8.5. Moli fish is very easy to care for . However, it should be known that they are susceptible to diseases such as fungi and spots and the water they live in should be kept clean.


3. Guppy fishGuppy fish

Guppies are one of the most popular aquarium fish. Both beginners as well as experienced lovers aquarium in often en ercihan the meat of this fish species is usually gray in nature are found in and tone. However, today , different colored ones were obtained as a result of couples . The color of each of these fish is unique. So none of them have the same color as the other . However, it is not only their colorful and pleasant appearance that makes guppies attractive . Guppies, which have a peaceful structure, are also very productive. They can be kittled in love every 3 weeks.

Caring for guppies is not too troublesome. However, since they are fish suitable for tropical climate, the aquarium conditions they live in must be kept close to this climate. In this sense, the temperature of the aquarium water should be 25-28 degrees. It is also suggested that the pH value of the water is 7-8.

4. Yellow Princess Fish

Yellow Princess Fish
Yellow Princess Fish

The yellow princess fish, which is known as “Electric Yellow” in the world, attracts attention because of its early color. The yellow princess, which is among the easy-to-care aquarium fish , can become aggressive during the breeding period. Feeding with algae and small sea creatures on the rocks in its natural environment, this fish should be fed with both vegetable and animal fish feeds . Otherwise, if it is constantly fed with protein, it can get bloat disease.

In order for the yellow princess fish, which is a colorful, lively and easy to breed, to live in a healthy way, the aquarium water temperature should be 25-26 degrees and the pH value should be 7.7-8.5.


Scavenger Fish
Scavenger Fish

5. Scavenger Fish

Aquarium fish species mentioned, one of the first ones that also are catfish. Contrary to what is supposed, these fish do not eat the bottom litter, but the food that collapses to the bottom. Therefore, using rectangular substrate in the aquarium floor ma s need. Also the nitrate level in the aquarium should be checked. Because high nitrate can turn a damage that these fish can take into an infection.

The scavenger fish gets out of the water surface and gets air from time to time. However, if it repeats it too often, there may be a problem in water conditions. The optimum pH level for these creatures, who live in the range of 24 to 28 degrees, is in the range of 6.0 to 7.6.

6.      Swordtail Fish

Swordtail Fish
Swordtail Fish

This is also known as swordtail aquarium fish , nature in Central America in the flowing river of life are the times live. The anal fins of the males of swordtail fish, whose body is similar to guppy fish, resembles a sword . Swordtail fishes also grow fast and are easy to breed. The males of these generally peaceful creatures can exhibit aggressive attitudes towards each other. They can also live in harmony with other fish in mixed aquariums.

Swordtail fishes must have a temperature of 20-30 degrees and the pH balance must be between 7.0 and 8.3. In addition , a similar environment with natural living conditions should be created in aquarium . This is important in order not to stress. In case of stress, their immune systems become weak and they become open to various diseases.


Angelfish, which is among the most popular aquarium fish species , is a very elegant and noble-looking creature. This South American fish species must live in an aquarium where it can be comfortable as it lives in flocks in its natural environment . Again, angel fish become aggressive at certain times and it is important to create special areas in the aquarium to relax during these periods. These special areas can be created with large-leaved plants.

The temperature of the water where the angelfish live should be 24-28 degrees, the pH value should be between 6.5 and 7.5. Also, the water should be cleaned once a week.

Aquarium fish species are not just the fish species we mentioned above . Besides these; Species such as Neon Tetra, Plati, Tilapia, zebrafish, beta fish, astronaut fish and glass catfish are among the fish that can be fed in the aquarium . If you want to feed one or more of these fish , you should get a variety of aquarium supplies for their healthy and long life, and make the necessary maintenance regularly . Otherwise, it is inevitable that you will experience losses due to the negligence of the aquarium and fish.

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