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Bird Nests Types and Prices

Bird Nests Types and Prices

Birds nest in tree hollows, cliffs and some in the natural habitat. However, birds that feed in the home environment do not have such a chance. Therefore, it is necessary to provide a suitable birdhouse for them. Today, bird nests are generally produced from natural materials such as wood. In addition, there are also slots produced using materials such as plastic and metal. However, it is necessary to pay attention to certain points when purchasing nests for birds . First of all, the middle of the socket base is not flat. Because flat ground can cause disability in the feet of the offspring hatching. Therefore, the bird’s nest with a hollow ground should be preferred. Again, care should be taken to ensure that the nest is wide enough.

 bird nests
bird nests

What are the Bird Nest Types?

There are many types of ready nests that can be preferred for bird species such as canary, budgerigar, nightingale and parrot . At the beginning of these, there is a wooden birdhouse . The top of the wooden sacks offered for sale in red, yellow, pink and blue colors can be opened and closed. They can also be hung practically on the wires thanks to the hooks suitable for k afes. Wooden bird nest s , to feel important in the birds’ natural habitats are the product. In addition, they can be easily transported due to their lightness.

Nests designed from plastic materials as a nest for the bird can also be preferred. A ntibakteriyel produced from plastics material plastic beehives used with the aid of felt. However, birdhouse models are not limited to these. In addition to the aforementioned, there are also straw nests. These nests, which can be preferred for birds such as Indian bulbul, are made by weaving from straw and can be easily hung in the cage. Straw nests create a spawning and resting place for birds, as well as make them feel safe.

Bird’s Nest Prices

Bird nests are offered for sale at different prices depending on the type of material they are produced, their designs and brands . There are many cheap bird nest types in our category . You can take a look at our category ; You can buy quality bird nests from leading brands such as Bird Toy , Eastland , Imac , Loofah , Marchioro and Percell at discounted prices.

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