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What is Cat Grass? | What Are the Benefits of Cat Grass?

What is Cat Grass? | What Are the Benefits of Cat Grass?

Cats love weed and this plant is completely safe for them. Also called cat mint and catnip , weed is a seasonal plant that resembles the mint we consume in daily life . Its origin is the Mediterranean and North Africa. However, it has grown widely in North America and Europe recently. The reason why this plant is called cattle grass is that it is loved by cats. Cat grass has a calming effect on cats and cats that smell this grass they may want to rub on their face or body. It may also show the behavior of licking the source of the odor as if it were eating . Also, you can witness that cats that are under the influence of valerian hopping around after a short time.

Cat Grass

What are the Benefits of Feline Grass for Cats?

The active ingredient of calf is oil called nepetalactone. Cats find cattle thanks to the smell of this oil. Nepetalactone is thought to have a similar effect to the effect of cat pheromone in relation to mating . Cat mint energizes cats and can have quite different effects. For example, the cat may begin to display more friendly attitudes. It can also roll, play games by running a hunt into the buckets cas .

Some cats, on the other hand, may become loose and absent because they smell weed . Again, thoughtfulness may be accompanied by meow or growling. However, the effect of cattle on cats is very short and usually loses its effect after 15 minutes. In addition, we can list the benefits of valerian for cats in general as follows:

It facilitates the training of cats.

Helps them relax and unwind.

It controls obesity.

Allows them to play games.

It has a positive effect on their psychology.

How to Give Cat Grass to Cat?

Today, many products are offered for sale for the easy use of the weed. These include valerian spray . These sprays, which are used by spraying it on the floor or on a toy, contain cat mint . Cat toys with cat mint fragrance are also produced. It is also possible to find products such as cat mint oil and cat mint drops.

Unless it is excessively used in the use of feline grass, it has no harm. But excessive catnip can rarely cause the cat’s stomach to deteriorate. In addition, aggressive attitudes can be seen in male cats, as they produce similar effects with the mating hormone. By acting meticulously, these problems can be prevented easily.

There are many products on our site, such as catweed spray , catnip cat award and catnip cat toy . You can also examine these products and have information about cat grass prices .

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