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Nutrition in Cats | How should cats feed?

Nutrition in Cats | How should cats feed?

Pets are living creatures that require special attention and care . The same is true for cats that are cared for at home . These cute creatures, although their own businesses see themselves even though they may be given by the owners, they need good care. If you are going to feed a cat at home again, you need to get some cat supplies such as food and water bowls, cat beds, sand bowls and a few toys . your CatIt is very important that you have acquired the materials in advance as they will start exploring from the moment they enter the house and try to get used to the house. But if you want your cat to be friends with you for many years, you should definitely know how to feed and feed it to meet all your nutritional needs. So, what are the things to know about cat nutrition


cat nutrition
cat nutrition

How Cat Nutrition Should Be?

The nutritional needs of cats vary according to their age. Feeding with food that is suitable for their needs starting from their childhood, directly affects their health status and quality of life. However, giving cats home food or leftovers will be insufficient to meet their nutritional needs. Because it is very difficult to prepare these dishes in accordance with their vitamin, mineral, oil and energy needs. Cat food , which is prepared in accordance with the age and special conditions of cats , is a practical solution as much as it is nutritious for cat nutrition .

Nutrition in cats ; It is an issue that should be evaluated separately for puppies, adults, elderly and pregnant women. We can briefly explain how cats should be fed in accordance with their age and special circumstances:

Nutrition in Kittens

Feeding newborn cats with breast milk is very important. Because the milk secreted from the breasts of the mother and called ” colostrum ” provides protection of the offspring from diseases. Cats weaned at the end of 4-5 weeks may gradually start consuming semi-solid food. In this sense , they can meet their nutritional needs with professional kittens . Because, breast milk alone cannot meet the increasing calorie need of cats after the 4th week. Therefore, it is imperative that they take supplements.

The diet of kittens varies every month. In this sense, a cat 2 months to 4 times a day, a 5 month old cat is to be given food three times. Again, it is enough to feed twice a day until it becomes an adult cat.

Nutrition in Adult Cats

Kittens can start feeding adult cat food when they are 12 months old. However, this transition should not be very sudden. For this, it can be given into the old food for a few days by mixing adult food. This is very important in order to adapt to the new food. Again, neutered cats are generally more prone to gaining weight. Feeding with normal foods can cause excess weight, as well as diabetes and various skin diseases. For this reason, they can be provided with dietary cat food by getting advice from a veterinarian about sterilized cat nutrition .

In addition, some cats are much more sensitive to food. They do not like every food easily. In such cases, foods that will open their appetite can be given. However, the most ideal is to follow the nutrition program recommended by a veterinarian. In addition, a special nutrition program should be followed for cats with sensitive digestive system. In this sense, it should be ensured that they consume foods with a low starch rate.

Nutrition in Elderly Cats

Signs of aging in cats generally occur with 7-8 years of age. Y The physiological differences can exceed the carrying of knowledge is important for a healthy old age by taking the necessary measures. During this period, a different nutrition program should be followed for cats whose requirements have changed. Cats start to move less with their aging. If the balance hand is not fed, they can gain excess weight. Overweight causes them to experience joint diseases and diseases of the cardiovascular system. In a period that requires such care, the best way to feed a cat is to use cat foods called “senior” foods . These foods, whose nutritional values ​​are adjusted very well, ensure that the quality of life of elderly cats is much higher.

Nutrition in Pregnant and Breastfeeding Cats

Pregnant cats have a much higher need for calcium, minerals and proteins than other cats. They may also experience digestive problems during this period. To prevent this, they should not consume raw foods. It is also very important that the mother gets the necessary energy from the food that she eats after giving birth . Because the mother consumes the milk release and quality of the food consumed by the cat directly. For this reason , it is recommended that they feed on kittens that contain abundant protein and energy during the breastfeeding period .

Dry or canned food can be preferred for feeding cats . These foods will meet all the vitamin and mineral needs of cats. If you are unsure about which food you should choose, it is useful to consult a veterinarian. But whatever food you prefer, you should definitely follow the nutritional instructions on the food packaging and be careful not to give your cat more food than it needs.

What Foods Can Be Given to Cats Other than Ready-to-Feed Food?cat feeding

Cats may want to taste the food that their owners eat because of their curiosity . However, some foods can be harmful to cats. Therefore, they should be sensitive about the foods they consume. Again, besides ready-made food, cats can also be given different foods . Foods such as meat, fish and eggs are among the main mentioned foods. These foods are almost a protein store for cats. But they should not be given raw. Cats also love consuming liver. However, consuming too much can cause a rise in vitamins.

Another food that can be given to cats other than food is bone. Bone is rich in calcium and phosphorus . In this respect, it is very useful for cats. But the bone must be cooked and large. Because small bones can get caught in the cat’s throat or damage the esophagus. In addition to these, foods such as yogurt and fish may be preferred for cat nutrition . But while giving fish, their internal organs must be cleaned and cooked.

What are the foods that should be kept away from cats?

Various diseases can occur due to the fact that cats consume certain nutrients. Among the harmful foods for cats ; Chocolate, milk, alcohol, raisins, onions, caffeine, salt and fatty foods are included. As we mentioned before, cats are very curious animals. Your kitchen, cellar or fridge contains many dangerous foods for your little friend. In order to protect your cat’s health, you should be conscious of foods harmful to him and keep these foods out of their reach.

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