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Cichlid Fish Feed Varieties | Cichlid Fish Care and Nutrition

Cichlid Fish Feed Varieties | Cichlid Fish Care and Nutrition

Cichlid fish are among the ideal aquarium fish that can be fed at home . It is quite enjoyable to feed these fish, also known as “ bubble gum ” among the people . However, each species of cichlid fish, as in the the unique one has the metabolism and nutritional needs vary. Therefore, specially produced fish feeds should be used for gum fish feeding . The baits offered for sale of gum fish are hormone-free and antibacterial.However, while choosing food for these fish, it should definitely be paid attention to which type of gum fish will be preferred. For example; The zebra cichlids are herbivores and prepared it for bait fish feeding s i is very important. So, what are cichlid fish feed varieties?

Cichlid Fish Feed
Cichlid Fish Feed

Cichlid Fish Feed Varieties

There are different types of fish feeds that can be preferred for feeding gum fish species. These feeds include granulated fish feed varieties. Granulated cichlid fish feeds combined with vi tamin and minerals are specially prepared for carnivorous and herbivorous species. These foods, which strengthen the immune system , also help the colors to be vibrant and bright. Another product that can be preferred as bubble gum is those in stick form. Stick feeds prepared specifically for herbal and carnivore-fed species, just like granule bubble gum feeds , meet all the special nutritional needs of bubble gum fish .

One of the Cichlid fish feed varieties is flake fish food. Intense, vegetable and vegetable -rich flake food by amino acids provides vitality and energy. To prevent damage to the digestive system of fish milled as a special stamp gum feed , but also increases resistance to disease and supports the healthy development of s .

In addition, chewing gum fish feed in our category is not just that. In addition to those mentioned , there are also dried live foods and chewing gums in the form of chips.

Cichlid Fish Feed Prices

Cichlid feed prices, sworn varies according to their content and brand. In our category, there are feeds of brands such as Ahm , JBL , Sera , Tetra , Tropical and White Balance . You can also browse our category for quality bubble gum baits and buy the most suitable food for your fish at reasonable prices.

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