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Dental Care in Dogs | How To Take Care Of Dogs?

Dental Care in Dogs | How To Take Care Of Dogs?

Our loyal friends are dogs, known for their gluttony and eating whatever they find. However , it is very important to have dental and oral health in place so that they can easily eat what they want . Dental caries and accompanying tooth loss, on the other hand, adversely affect nutrition .  Especially early mother- in period allocated and enough risk of dental caries in dogs can not be fed with breast milk is much more. Their poor oral and dental care as well as to cause tooth decay could occur . Gums can be encountered when dogs are not cared for oral and dental care . As a result, dental caries and even tooth loss may occur. Therefore, the dental health of dogs should be considered important and their care should not be disrupted. So, what should be done for dental care in dogs ?

dental care in dogs
dental care in dogs

Dental Care in Dogs

Dogs need regular dental care, just like humans do. In this regard, you can prevent the decay of your dog’s teeth by following the basic hygiene rules and help protect the oral and dental health. If you do not care enough about your dog’s dental care, you can cause various health problems. One of these health problems is periodontitis. However, when the tooth in the tooth enters the blood, diseases such as kidney inflammation and arthritis may also occur. That’s why your dog’s mouth and teeth health is very important. What you can do to protect the dental health of your T- member friend is as follows.

Feed Your Dog With Tooth-Friendly Dog Foods!

One of the most important aspects of dental care in dogs is that the foods they consume are tooth-friendly . Because of poor quality food and rotting teeth of k leads to. In addition to meat, dogs consume hard foods such as bones in their natural habitat . In fact, hard foods also help to clean their teeth. Therefore, the pet dog consistently high carbohydrate containing wet dog food with nutrition is not recommended. The most important reason for this is that wet foods accumulate between the teeth and cause the formation of bacteria. Bacteria, on the other hand, cause caries and eventually loss of teeth. This is in line with dog nutrition for the generally high-quality dry food should be preferred, food should be given the age of 1-2 times a week.

Brush Your Teeth!

Your dog may not allow your teeth to be brushed at first . However, over time, you will get used to the dental care routine and your job will be easier. You can also perform dental care after an activity in which your dog exercises intensely . Because it will be tired and relatively calmer after exercise. If you bring the brushing session to such a moment, you can make dental care more comfortable. It will be beneficial to give a reward food after brushing your teeth to develop a positive attitude towards dental care.

The most essential materials for dental care in dogs are toothbrushes and toothpaste. However, you should make sure that these materials are made specifically for dogs . K öpeği your teeth in order to properly brush a dog toothbrush can learn. You should make sure that the D brush is suitable for your dog’s mouth size. In addition, toothbrushes are among the toothbrushes produced for dogs. If you are going to use a finger brush to brush your teeth , after putting the brush on your finger , apply a sufficient amount of paste and brush the teeth with soft movements. It is also recommended to do this after meals so that the leftovers do not accumulate in your dog’s mouth .

It is also very important to use special toothpastes for brushing teeth in dogs . Because products that apply to the use of people can disturb your pet friend’s stomach . Produced dental care for dogs dog toothpaste with enzymes they contain other hand, provide an effective oral and dental hygiene. Again, they clean the food residue and help prevent bad breath.

Brushing your dog’s teeth at least 1-2 times a week is important for the protection of oral and dental health. But the most ideal is to brush once a day. If you try to brush your teeth and behave reactively and do not allow, you can also use cleaning water for tooth cleaning. Tooth cleaning water produced for dogs prevents the formation of tartar without using brushes and protects oral health. Also, these products are very effective in removing bad breath.

These as well as other should be noted that the junction part with the teeth and gums during brushing ş circular with movements should brush. Then the cleaning of plaque that dislodge close to finish brushing on behalf of his mouth I have to pay attention to brushing in a vertical direction.

Get Dental Care Toys to Strengthen Your Teeth !

dental care in dogs
dental care in dogs

Dog dental care toys are among the products that can be preferred for dental care in dogs. These products, which assist in cleaning teeth mechanically, also meet the needs of dogs such as biting and gnawing and strengthen jaw structures. But when buying a dental care toy for your dog, you should pay attention to what materials are made. Because materials containing poisonous ingredients may impair your hairy friend’s health. Therefore, before purchasing a dental care toy, you can consult the veterinarian, where you regularly take your dog for control. You can also be considered to have done effective care with tooth care toys and regular brushing that are compatible with canine dental health .

Do Mouth Controls!

It is very important to check your mouth periodically for your dog’s dental health . So you can examine all your teeth and intervene in any setback in time. Performing a mouth examination of dogs is quite simple. For this, you can control the formation of tartar and jaw by opening your dog’s lips . At the mouth of abnormal B if you’re going to notice I state it as soon as you should take it to the vet.

Don’t hinder Veterinary Visits!

Dogs should undergo regular veterinary checks to protect their oral and dental health. Because thanks to v eteriner visits, your dog performs oral cavity, dental and gum examinations, and possible diseases that can progress are diagnosed beforehand.

If you have noticed bad breath in your dog, constant eruption of your mouth or face, excessive drooling, swaying teeth, discolored, broken or crooked teeth, redness of the gums, swelling and bleeding, it is time to show it to a veterinarian. Also köpe The assets that arise from a variety of health problems, bad smell in the breath, the breath of a healthy dog to smell bad in the normal conditions in the should keep in mind.

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