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Do Dogs Cry? | What Do Dogs’ Tears Mean |Why Dogs Cry?

Do Dogs Cry? | What Do Dogs’ Tears Mean |Why Dogs Cry?

Our dog friends are very loyal and emotional creatures. Just like us, they can rejoice or feel sadness. However, the body language of dogs is different from our body language. When they feel sad or happy, they make various voices and try to express themselves in this way. One of the sounds that dogs make is similar to crying, and therefore they are thought to cry like humans. Anatomically, the tear ducts of dogs and humans are the same. The main task of the tear ducts is to keep the eye surface wet and to create a liquid shield against any foreign matter . People also found tearThe channel also used to express the sadness IrDA, but dogs can not say the same thing. But this , the dog does not mean that cry. Dogs cry like humans, but they do not shed tears. So how and why do dogs cry? How do dogs cry?


How Dogs Cry?

Dogs always have a certain amount of tear discharge and this is indispensable for eye health. In some dogs, tear discharge may be excessive. Excessive currents are normal for some dog breeds , while others are a sign of disease. However, tear discharge in dogs should not be confused with crying. If a dog if excessive discharge from the tear ducts clogged, the eyes have an infection, something ke drawn to the eye cornea or three may have added. For this reason, dogs with excessive discharge in their eyes should be closely observed and taken to a veterinarian.

The crying of dogs can only be understood from the sounds they make. Howling and crying treble sounds are among the signs that they cry. But they can use many more voices to express their sadness . When you hear these sounds that dogs make to attract attention, you should understand that they want something to comfort you. In such a situation, if you find that your pet friend is not looking good
, it is useful to take him to a veterinarian.

What Causes Dogs Crying?

Dogs make crying-like sounds due to feelings of fear, stress and anxiety. These voices give us much sorrow and we think we did something wrong. However, crying of dogs is not always related to their fear or pity. Because when they need love , they can make crying-like sounds to attract attention . So there may be many reasons behind their crying. The main reasons fo crying are as follows:

Family Longing

Especially when puppies leave their families, they can show crying behavior. Wailing s puppy dog to a new home which is adapted may continue up. For this reason, it is necessary to give the dog time and not to disturb it constantly. Otherwise, the puppy’s acclimation time will be longer. The puppies hug their mothers and siblings while they sleep. If you own a puppy , you can wrap it in a blanket where it can balance the body temperature so that you do n’t spend the night crying, or you can buy a plush dog toy that you can sleep by hugging it. Also, putting a ticking clock next to it will help you relax.


Crying dogs may also be due to fear. When they cry because of fear, they make a sudden and high pitched voice. The first thing to do in such a situation is to remove the dog immediately from the environment and take it to a place where it feels safe. Again, crying behavior is very common in dogs, especially when traveling by car . When dogs get into the car for the first time, they do not feel safe and scared. Fear of cars is a fear that fades over time and therefore it is necessary to be patient.

There are many more reasons that can cause dogs to fear and cry. These include moving to a new home, vet visits, Sahin thousand Stay away or only health conditions such as countable.


Timeless and unnecessary crying in dogs indicates that they are under stress. To prevent this, first of all, the factors that cause stress in the dog should be eliminated. Stress can cause bad habits in dogs in a short time. Therefore, it may be necessary to seek help from a professional.


If a dog is not feeling well, he can try to explain it by crying or moaning. Therefore, if you are sure that there is a different change that may cause your dog to cry in your life, you should take it to a veterinarian without losing any time . Because a dogs cry without any other reason is probably having a health problem.


People who do not spend enough time with their dog may notice that their dogs often cry. Because dogs constantly cry to attract the attention of their owners and to be noticed. This situation can continue until interest. For this reason, in order to prevent a dog from crying, it is necessary to spend lots of time with him and play games.

Contact Request

Crying dogs can also be caused by a desire to communicate. Because dogs often use crying behavior to communicate . For example, they see a dog during walks, one can begin to cry. With the excitement they experience, they can pull the leash by making sounds like crying. The main purpose in these behaviors of dogs is to communicate.

Hunger and Thirstdogs crying

Dogs can go in different ways to communicate . For example, some dogs go to the food and push the food and try to explain their hunger . Some, however, for it is also preferable to cry in the know . They often even cry near where they eat.

In addition, dogs are animals that associate behavior with outcomes. If dogs , such as playing together , are preferred to soothe crying behavior , they can notice and cry whenever they want to get attention. The most effective way to deal with this situation is through a professional education.

Especially night crying is a serious problem for both dog owners and dogs. Because dogs can cry at night when they wake up. To prevent this, it is useful to increase the intensity of daytime walks. The dog, who gets tired after long walks, will sleep instead of crying at night. However, if the puppy is crying and is about to leave, then sleeping in a place where he can feel close to the owner will stop crying. If the dogs crying is accompanied by extra symptoms such as vomiting, anorexia, and diarrhea, it may have a disease. In such a case, it is necessary to contact a veterinarian.

The thing that should not be done about crying dogs is to respond to crying. If you are sure that your dog does not have a physical problem, you should refrain from answering to cry only to relieve it. Because responding to crying only to comfort the dog creates the feeling that crying in the animal works to attract attention and continues to cry whenever he wants to get attention.

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