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Nutrition in Heart Diseased Dogs

Nutrition in Heart Diseased Dogs

The care conditions of the pet dogs gain a healthier structure day by day. Accordingly, the life span of the dogs has also been extended. However , an increase in the rate of encountering metabolic diseases is observed. It can be said that problems with the circulatory system and heart come to the fore especially in older dogs. Today , important results have been obtained in order to prevent and even eliminate the damage that may occur due to heart disease in dogs . In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to their nutrition and support the treatment in dogs such as heart failure . For this purpose, dog owners have important duties. So, what are the symptoms of heart disease in dogs? How should nutrition be in dogs with heart disease ?

 dogs with heart disease

Heart Diseases and Symptoms in Dogs

Take the dog to run normally at the heart of situations where work due to common diseases are often referred to as heart failure. This disease in dogs could be seen as hereditary is MEK . However, the number of dogs born with heart disease is very low. Puppies experiencing such a heart condition may not experience any symptoms, but their disease can be diagnosed after an examination by the veterinarian . Accordingly, we can list the most important congenital heart diseases in dogs as follows:

Subaortic Stenosis: This is the most common type of heart problem from D son. Aorta and left ventricle disease flour in that because of a vessel formed in the bottom of the aortic valve occurs, at which point serious pressure occurs. As a result, the left ventricle thickens and cannot receive enough blood. This situation manifests itself with reluctance to act in dogs .

Pulmonic Stenosis: In this disease, narrowing occurs between the right ventricle of the heart and pulmonary arteries , and the disease usually does not progress . However, it causes right heart failure in the dog, which causes breathing difficulties and reluctance to move.

Patent Ductus Arteriosus: One of the common and congenital heart diseases in dogs is this type. Normally located between two major blood vessels and the heart of the ductus arteriosus represents a connection closes after birth, but ke PAN not stop Does the grant of a patent ductus arteriosus name. If this situation cannot be prevented, the dog has congestive heart failure due to edema and pulmonary congestion after a few weeks. Untreated dogs lose their lives within a few years.

Congenital heart diseases in dogs are briefly as above. However , heart diseases in dogs develop to a great extent later. A significant part of these diseases are mitral regurgitiation. Disease symptoms often appear very slowly. However, in cases where it cannot be diagnosed and progressively turns into congestive heart disorder, it manifests itself with some symptoms. The symptoms of the disease are:

  1. cough
  2. Fast Fatigue
  3. Difficulty in Breathing
  4. Puffiness and anorexia in the navel
  5. Restlessness, hiding, unwillingness, etc. behavior changes
  6. Fainting

These symptoms are the most common symptoms. It is very important to constantly observe the dogs to notice these symptoms. In addition, periodic veterinarian visits should not be skipped.

How should nutrition be in dogs with heart disease?

As with all other living things, proper nutrition is of great importance in order to ensure the continuity of vital functions in dogs . However , it is necessary to be more careful when it comes to dogs with heart disease. Therefore, it is very important to regulate the nutrition in dogs when there is a situation that will negatively affect their lives such as heart failure . Accordingly , we can explain the nutritional attention of dogs with heart disease as follows:

Salt Content in Foods They Consume Should Be Reduced

Regarding the nutrition of dogs with heart disease, firstly, the amount of salt in their meals should be restricted. Because this restriction will decrease the burden of the heart regardless of the reason for the heart failure . This is in line feeding in dogs with heart disease general principles regarding, it is the introduction of high nutritional value but low sodium content of the food. This process, in particular the use of food for diet prepared by veterinarians, it will be useful to ensure the sodium balance.

Heart failure, blood pressure because then the decrease in the blood flow of the kidney ‘s decrease s, leads to an imbalance of sodium and water reuptake mechanism. This is a condition that increases the burden of the heart. The extent to which sodium is restricted varies depending on the severity of heart failure. In dogs with severe heart failure, special dietary foods with reduced salt content should be used. However, if the diet of dogs with heart disease is severely restricted in terms of salt, the amount of sodium in the blood may decrease. For such adverse conditions, the sodium level in the blood of the dog should be determined and the dog should be kept under control.

Food Can Be Changed To Prevent Anorexia

Another important detail about nutrition in dogs with heart disease is to take precautions against the possibility of their appetite to close. For this, a dog food suitable for the dog’s diet can be preferred. However, the food changes the one to be made, it should be carried out gradually. Otherwise, besides stimulating the appetite of the dog with a heart disease, the level of anorexia can be increased even more. Again, in order to increase the appetite of dogs with heart failure, food can be heated to increase its aroma.

Diet should be applied in order not to lose weight

Overweight in dogs makes breathing difficult and can make heart disease even more complicated. For this reason , weight control of dogs with heart disease is very important. However, the diets recommended for the weakening of the dogs contain high levels of sodium. We mentioned above that sodium increases the burden of the heart in dogs with heart disease.

Vitamin Supplements Should Be Used

Another important point about nutrition in dogs with heart diseaseis supplementing with vitamins . Because reactive oxygen types such as hydroperoxides cause damage to the heart tissues. Antioxidant vitamins help to neutralize these compounds and provide protection of sensitive tissues. Again, free radicals trigger heart diseases , especially in the early years when tissues develop and mature . With the use of vitamin E and C, negative effects of free radicals can be prevented and heart diseases can be prevented.

In addition, there is an increase in the amount of urine expelled in dogs treated for heart failure. Accordingly, there is an increase in vitamin B excretion. It is useful to supplement the sick dog in this aspect by using vitamin B supplements.

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