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Fish Care | Ways to Keep Aquarium Fish Healthy

Fish Care | Ways to Keep Aquarium Fish Healthy

Aquarium fish are easier to live at home than many other pets . Fish, such as cats and dogs, that do not cause problems such as moulting or polluting the house, is one of the most effective ways to get rid of work stress and find peace. In this sense, there are many fish species of different types and sizes that can be preferred for feeding in the aquarium.  The most popular aquarium fish are; They are species such as goldfish, guppies, beta fish, swordtail, angel, yellow princess and scavenger fish. If you want your fish to be healthy and long-lasting, you must make sure that the aquarium conditions are suitable for them. Otherwise, even an easy-to-heal infection can cause your fish to die if you notice it late. Well, the aquarium fish to keep healthy fish care about how a road should be followed?

Fish Care

Things to Consider in Fish Care

The minimum conditions are not sufficient for the fish to remain healthy. An aquarium environment suitable for natural habitats should be created so that their health is always at the highest level . Again, any decor that will affect the health of the fish should be avoided and aggressive aquarium fish species should be kept in a different aquarium against their own species . Of course, things to be done for fish health are not limited to these. There are many more points to be considered during fish care. Here are the important points…

Decide on the Type and Number of Fish!

There are many aquarium types that can be preferred for home fish care. Among the mentioned aquarium varieties ; tropical aquarium, cold water aquarium and salt water aquarium. There is also a brackish water aquarium. However, the number of those who can succeed in the brackish aquarium is very low. Because in these aquariums it is very difficult to create suitable water conditions for fish. Aquarium installation should be done according to which category the fish intended to be grown at home fall into . For example, goldfish are cold-water creatures, and therefore the water does not need to be heated. However, species such as guppies and scavenger fish need hot water. If you are going to feed fish for the first time at home, it is not recommended to prefer saltwater fish. Because the maintenance of saltwater fish requires special techniques.

Another point to be considered for the health of the fish in the aquarium is that the fish are compatible with each other. Therefore, you should think twice before putting different fish species into the same aquarium.

Get the necessary Aquarium Equipment!

Failure to properly select the necessary equipment for the aquarium is a risky situation for fish health . In this sense, it is necessary to be sensitive especially in the selection of aquarium filters and aquarium heaters . Fish may encounter diseases that can result in death if the aquarium water is extremely cold or hot. For this, it should be ensured that the aquarium water temperature is suitable for the fish species in the aquarium.

The size of the aquarium is very important in filter selection. Some fish species pollute the water much more with both the food they consume and their feces . The dirty water fish from entering the stress of s and stagnation are the causes. By using a filter, fodder residues and feces can be cleaned at every point of the aquarium. In addition, when choosing filters for the aquarium, the volume of the aquarium must be taken into consideration.

Aquarium fish may lose their lives due to lack of oxygen. It is very important to use an aquarium air motor to create a habitable aquarium environment for your fish . Air motor for aquarium ; creates fluctuations in water, creates a natural circulation and provides the necessary oxygen for fish.

Do Not Neglect Partial Water Changes!

Fish care and about one of the most important details is the water change. Especially beginners wait for the water change time to come even if the system is bad. However, the water needs to be partially changed within the system’s needs. For this, aquarium bottom vacuum cleaner can be used. Again , if you notice the presence of a scattered layer when you put your finger in the aquarium , this may mean that the cycle is not working as desired. The solution to this situation , which occurs when rotting microorganisms do not settle in the system adequately , is to make plenty of water changes for several days.

Besides, if you are going to add new fish to the aquarium , you should first measure the nitrite, nitrate and ammonia levels in the water using the water test kit . Nitrite and ammonia should not be present in an ideal aquarium water. In addition, the nitrate level should be 30 ppm or less. These values ​​should be much lower in gentle fish. If there is no ammonia and nitrite in the water, the nitrogen cycle is completed. In this case, you can gradually add new fish. Unless otherwise stated, all you have to do is change 25% of the water once a week and keep the water clean.

Ensure Their Regular and Proper Nutrition!Fish Care

Regular and correct meeting of the nutritional needs of fish means that they lead a longer and better life. However, the nutritional needs of the fish species in the aquarium should be considered in the selection of fish feed . For this, it is useful to know that the fish family is divided into three as nutritionally fed carnivores , both carnivores and herbivores and herbivores. Carnivorous fish species prefer feed such as shrimp pieces and live fish, while herbivorous species feed mainly on vegetable. They can also be fed on a protein basis per week, provided they are small in quantity .

During fish care , enough food should be given 2 or 3 times a day as much as they can consume in 1 minute. In this case, neither excessive swelling nor collapsing occurs in the belly of the fish. Again, the indication that they do not have any problems with hunger is the sweet curb in their bellies. In addition, the bait you throw should never remain on sand or gravel. Otherwise decompose waste feed on the sand and causes water pollution s . This is a risky situation for fish health .

Keep Your Fish Away From Stress!

There are many factors that can cause fish to experience stress. Especially, putting your hand in the aquarium or placing the aquarium in a noisy place can cause your fish to be stressed. Again, leaving the aquarium lighting on at night and other inappropriate conditions inside the aquarium can stress them. Stress in fish can cause immune systems to weaken and become ill. Therefore, in order for your fish to be long-lasting and healthy, you need to eliminate stress factors .

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