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Basic Rules in Fish Care | Things to Consider in Fish Care

Basic Rules in Fish Care | Things to Consider in Fish Care

Aquarium fish, pet many more depending on the type of care easy to see as s most are living . Therefore, in particular to feed the animals at home who want it but to deal too much do not want the first person of choice are usually fish. Although it seems effortless to care, it is only by giving feed .it is not possible to look. It is necessary to pay attention to many issues such as which fish species live in how many degrees of water, when they hatch, which equipment is required, which fish can be fed together and how many fish can be kept in an aquarium. In this direction, especially if you are going to feed fish for the first time, you should first decide which fish types to feed in your aquarium. Because the aquarium conditions that every fish need are different. If you choose fish after installing your aquarium, you may have trouble. For example, plants inside the d e life-loving fish species for aquarium decorationIf you prefer rocky decoration materials instead of plants, you will grind your fish . For this reason, fish care with relevant should be informed about the basic rules and you should bring the type of fish you feed the aquarium conditions

fish care
fish care

Basic Rules for Fish Care

There are some rules for feeding fish in an unhealthy and lossless way. When these rules are applied completely, the fish can be healthy and long-lived. Aquarium fish are very delicate and easily affected by adverse conditions . It is necessary to take some precautions before encountering any disease. Accordingly , these basic rules that we have mentioned about fish care are briefly as follows.

Aquarium Water Should Be Clear

The cleanliness of the aquarium water is the first condition to create a healthy environment in the aquarium . Because aquarium fish need clean water to develop healthily and survive. However , due to elements such as fish feed residues, fish feces and rotten aquarium plants , aquarium water loses its clarity and becomes unhealthy. Water clarifying products can be used to clarify aquarium water . However, if the turbidity in the aquarium water lasts long, it is necessary to go to the root of the problem. Because unnecessary chemicals and cleaners used for the aquarium may be affecting the water negatively. Unfavorable water conditions will lead to deterioration of fish health.

Ready-made bacteria culture can be purchased to make the water clean and clear . Bacteria will help regulate the ecosystem in the aquarium. Another way to keep the water clean is to have plants in the aquarium. Live aquarium plants ; they contain beneficial bacteria, filter water and increase oxygen in water.

In addition, one of the most important details about fish feeding in the aquarium is to use the correct filter. Because the reason why the water in the aquarium becomes unhealthy may be the use of the wrong aquarium filter . The type of aquarium filter to be preferred should be decided by considering factors such as the type of fish living in the aquarium, the number of plants and whether the plants are artificial.

fish care

Regular Water Change Should Be Done

One of the basic rules for fish care is to make partial water changes regularly. Water exchange is carried out by removing some of the old water from the aquarium and replacing it with various minerals such as zinc and iron. The ratio should be at least 20% for partial water change. However, this ratio can reach up to 50% depending on the density of the fish in the aquarium . Again , the ideal time for aquarium water change can be determined once a week. However, aquarium test kits, such as nitrate and phosphate testing, will assist in making decisions regarding water change.

In addition, when changing the water of the aquarium, care should be taken not to contain chlorine. For this, the water can be purified from chlorine by keeping it in an open container 1-2 days in advance. Again, an air stone or air motor can be used to speed up the chlorine flying . Also, fresh water should be added slowly to the aquarium. Thus, the risk of living in an aquarium to experience shock will be eliminated.

Attention should be paid to the water temperature

It is quite difficult to talk about a certain water temperature for aquarium fish. Because the heat needs of each species are different. For example; Most cichlid fish need temperatures between 24-26 degrees. Live breeding fish species should live at a temperature of 18-28 degrees. In other words, the awareness of the temperature that each species can live in should be kept constant and the water temperature constant.

Fish Feed Selection Should Be Made Correctly

Poor quality and exposed fish food will cause unhealthy feeding of the fish. For this reason, it should be selected from quality feeds. In addition, the needs of each fish species are different and it is beneficial to choose special feeds produced by considering the needs of the fish while choosing the feed. Thus, the fish are provided both to eat healthy and to stay away from stress.

One of the most important points to consider when choosing food for aquarium fish is that it is suitable for the diet of the fish . Factors such as sinking to the bottom or standing on the surface of the water without sinking, being in the form of granules and tablets are very important. For example; Since some fish are located at the bottom of their heads, they can easily eat baits sinking to the bottom . However, some fish mouth upwards y a must feed from the surface to be correct. In addition, fish food should be large enough for fish to consume.

fish care
fish care

Feed Amount Should Be Determined Well

One of the important rules about fish care is the feeding of fish. For this, it should be well known how many times a day and what amount of fish should be fed in the aquarium. The amount of feed that is not correctly determined can even cause the death of the fish. Another point to be considered while feeding the fish is to feed as much as they can eat in a short time. Otherwise, the fish cannot consume all of the bait, and the baits now cause bad odors in the aquarium. They also negatively affect the clarity of water.

Fish should be kept away from stress

Stress in fish can be caused by many reasons. These include getting into the aquarium or the lantern. Again, during fish care , the relationship between the fish in the aquarium should be well observed. Because fish exhibiting aggressive behavior may cause annoyance to other fish s . If there are fish chased in the aquarium, there must be a solution. For this, it is necessary to obtain aquarium decoration materials such as various plants and rocks that fish can use for hiding . Fish can feel more comfortable by hiding in these decor products.

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