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General Features of Dogs – What are the features of dogs?

General Features of Dogs – What are the features of dogs?

Dogs are creatures that love people from the moment they are born. More than 400 species found these organisms, also favored by most people to beg located between pets. Dogs, which are sometimes a friend, sometimes a guardian and a hunting partner for their owners, can develop their skills if they receive training. Even though each of these human beings has its own characteristics, many common features can be mentioned. So, what are the issues that can be mentioned as general features of dogs ?

general features of dogs
general features of dogs

What are the General Features of Dogs?

Dogs that are known as loving and loyal animals generally have features; They can be classified as genetic, physical and personality traits . We can briefly explain these features as follows.

Genetic and Physical Properties of Dogs

Many different dog breeds live in the world. These creatures with an average life span of 15-20 years are active day and night. The sense of smell and hearing is sharp, and the sense of vision is able to perceive blue and yellow colors much better. Almost all of them have 39 pairs of chromosomes. Similar to humans from each chromosome pair, mother, father chromosome in a while the receive.

Common features of dogs include the presence of 319 bones in their bodies , except for the dogless ones . Although tendons and muscle structures are generally similar to humans, the upper part of their body is as strong as the lower part of the body, unlike the human body. In addition, the body weights of dogs are distributed almost evenly on the front and hind legs .

Other Genetic and Physical Properties of Dogs

Dogs are included in the class of mammals . The ewes of the female dogs have meringues and breastfeed their offspring. While there are eight udders in many dog ​​breeds, this figure may vary . In addition, the primary teeth of the dogs are milk teeth (28 pieces), followed by permanent teeth (42 pieces) . Canine teeth in the upper and lower jaws are pointed and longer than in other carnivorous animals. They use these pointed teeth not only for meat cutting, but also for defense purposes. In addition, the teething process of puppies is quite painful and the gums swell during this process. Therefore, they may lose their appetite and have diarrhea.

General features of dogs include being runner animals in general . In this direction, shoulder, hip and muscle structure of many races are suitable to be runners. For example, Greyhound dogs, also called race hounds, evolved to accelerate in a short time. As the spine has an extremely flexible structure, all four legs can be cut off while running. German Wolves, on the other hand, appear to fly while running. But one of his feet is definitely worth the ground.


Among the physical properties of dogs , n can also be mentioned in the fact that their bodies are mostly covered with hairs . However, some hairless dog breeds are also available. Again, dogs are creatures that can adjust their body temperature, and the temperature of an adult dog’s body varies between 38 and 39.2 degrees . The fur of the dogs can be of different colors and length. However, especially the dogless or fur-colored dog breeds should not stay in the sun. Otherwise, they may face the risk of sunburn.

Although they differ according to the dog breeds, male dogs have a larger body than females. It is also the testosterone hormone that determines anger in male dogs. An adult male dog can mate at any time. The hormone testosterone also triggers aggression. Female dogs bleed twice a year and this period continues for two weeks. Again, during this period, female dogs ready for mating can also mate with dogs that are not of their own breed. For this reason, they should be careful and should be guided by a leash.

general features of dogs
general features of dogs

Personality Traits of Dogs

Thousands of years have passed since the domestication of dogs. During this time, the people friendly and that helps both the general characteristics of the dog certain personality traits between i are also included. An important part of these features is based on genetics. Accordingly , one of the first characteristic features that come to mind when talking about k dog is undoubtedly the feelings of loyalty . Dogs who are tied to their owners who meet their needs regularly, obey the commands they receive from them without question. On the basis of their loyalty lies gratitude due to the fulfillment of their needs and anxiety and fear of being punished for the possibility of their interruption .

Another feature that comes to mind when talking about the general features of dogs is that they are very emotional. That’s why dog ​​owners often feel that their dogs share all their emotions with themselves. Dogs who can accompany him by running and playing when their owners are merry, and when children cry, they can be in a hurry and be surprised at what to do. Dogs, who have also established a good bond with their owners, constantly monitor their owners with their eyes. They can even check their owners to see what happens in the slightest sound when their eyes are closed. Because of these features, they can establish an excellent connection with the elderly and children in need.

Other Personality Traits of Dogs

Although dogs are loyal and emotional, they can also exhibit very jealous attitudes. They may be jealous, especially when a new baby or pet is included in the family. This is an instinct in domesticated animals dürr want to preserve the existing relationship with the owners. Again, dogs show their jealousy in different ways. They may grow, break things, refuse to eat, become gluttonous, or try to attract attention by bringing toys to their owners or jumping on their laps.

general features of dogs
general features of dogs

The general features of dogs include their acting. It can even be said that there are very few creatures as fond of playing games on the world. For this reason, they can show their owners invitation to the game. One of the most popular of these invite shows can be said to be the game arc where the dog bends the front part of the body while raising the back of the body. Another sign of invitation to the game is also expressed as the game-face. Here, the dog’s mouth line is extended and the edges of the mouth are pulled towards his ears. However, it does not attempt to show its front teeth completely. Also, a dog showing his game-face does not exhibit aggressive attitudes.

In addition to all these, one of the features that comes to mind when talking about the general features of dogs is licking behavior. Dogs cannot specifically avoid licking their owners. However, instead of getting angry with these behaviors, it is necessary to investigate why they exhibit such behavior. Because lick is one of the most natural behavior of dogs and it can be said that it is a method of showing their love and care for their owners.

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