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Guinea Pig Care | Guinea Pig Nutrition

Guinea Pig Care | Guinea Pig Nutrition

Guinea Pig; It is an animal commonly seen in South American countries such as Venezuela, Colombia, Peru and Brazil. Guinea pigs , guinea pigs and guinea pigs with names like these creatures said, showed the human biology ğ due to the similarity laboratory experiments as ar animal is used. One of the most important features of the Guinea Pig also are living longer than many rodent pets. Bu Cute creatures can live up to 12 years if their care is taken care of. They are also very social creatures and can have great relationships with people. Again, their stools are odorless and although they are from the rodent family, they do not like gnawing very much. All of these features as pets because every day is becoming more popular at home taking care of Guinea Pig is pretty easy. So, what are the things to know about Guinea Pig care ?

Guinea Pig care
Guinea Pig care

How Guinea Pig Care Should Be?

Guinea Pig is an ideal pet animal that can be easily fed at home, especially for children . However, it is necessary to have information about its features and what they may need before owning . For example, Guinea Pig sounds mean a lot. They can make strange noises when they are hungry or when they will show love. They are afraid of sudden loud sounds and may even have a heart attack. Again, during the Guinea Pig care , the breed of the animal must be taken into consideration. Among the main Guinea Pig breeds ; American Pig, Peruvian Pig, Pig Rex, and Silk Skinny Pig Pig place is located . While Peruvian Pig of these breeds has the longest hair, Skinny Pig is hairless and therefore should be housed in warmer environments.

Guinea Pig Habitat

Guinea Pigs are very active creatures. Therefore, they need environments where they can move freely. Today, Guinea Pig cages of different sizes are sold to accommodate these energetic creatures . Also used for cats iron wire cages in Guinea Pig slot can be used as . However, there are some points to consider when purchasing a cage. One of these points is the material of the cage. Because Guinea Pigs can gnaw their cages. For this, it is useful to choose uncoated and paint- free cages. Again, when purchasing the cage, it should be taken into consideration how many Guinea Pig will contain.

Since the Guinea Pigs uses their nest both as a bedroom and a toilet, it is necessary to make sure that the material of the cage is resistant to them. Again, a pile of straw can be placed in the section they use as a bedroom for their comfort. In addition to various tree branches, various rodent toys can also be used to make the cages more livable . It is also very useful to have a tiny nest in the cage. Because they need tight spaces to sleep when they are afraid or at night , and small rodent nests are ideal for meeting these needs.

In addition, another important point regarding Guinea Pig care is the temperature of the environment in which they live. Because these little creatures love warm environments. Therefore , attention should be paid to the high temperature of the environment in which they live . Again, other accessories such as drinkers, food bowls should be placed where they can reach and fixed in such a way that they cannot fall over .

Guinea Pig Nutrition

Guinea Pig Nutrition

Guinea Pigs are vegetarian creatures. However, these creatures’ vitamin C needs are quite high. It ‘s for must be fed with respect to vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables. Also, ready-made Guinea Pig feeds are ideal foods to be fed as they contain abundant dried fruits and vegetables. They can also meet their vitamin D and daily fiber needs from these foods. However, it is not true that they feed only on dry food. They should also consume foods such as tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, green leafy vegetables, apples and grapes. But fresh vegetables and fruits should not be kept in their cages for more than a day.

In addition, using the baits of other rodents such as hamsters and rabbits for Guinea Pig care should be strictly avoided. Because hamsters are also carnivorous creatures, their food may also contain animal protein. Guinea Pigs is herbivorous and can be damaged by animal proteins . T avşar The feed can contain harmful antibiotics for the tiny creatures that s . For this reason, they only need to consume feed developed specifically for them. In addition, high calorie and sugary foods should not be given to Guinea Pig . Especially fruits with high sugar can cause diarrhea and diarrhea can be fatal for these creatures.

There is no need to add extra vitamins or supplements when enough care is taken for Guinea Pig nutrition . But if you have Guinea Pig and are concerned about its nutrition, you can consult a veterinarian, if recommended by the veterinarian, you can use a vitamin or nutritional supplement.

Guinea Pig Cleansing

Guinea P igs are very clean creatures. They are cleaned using rear feet , front teeth and tongues . But care should be taken with regard to long-haired Guinea Pig care . Because even though they are cleaned by themselves, their long hairs can be knotted and shed. For this, it is necessary to comb the hairs for a few minutes every day. They should be washed once a month in winter and once every two weeks in summer. However , products containing chemicals for Guinea Pig bath should be avoided, and rodent shampoos specially formulated for rodents should be preferred .

In addition, if Guinea Pig is shedding a lot of fluff , it may be that they do not drink enough water, remain vitamin free, or change the season. In order to stop the hair loss, it must first be determined why it originated.

Guinea Pig Cage
Guinea Pig Cage

Guinea Pig Toilet Training

One of the important points about Guinea Pig care is toilet training . Guinea Pigs are smarter compared to hamsters and can be easily trained. The first thing to do for toilet training is to observe where the animal makes the toilet. A container should be placed in the space they use for the toilet and it should be added to the materials he likes, such as newspapers and sawdust. Urinary wetting of these materials makes toilet training easier. Because Guinea Pigs can reproduce their toilet needs to where they smell their urine. However, when they start using the container for toilet needs if they should be rewarded. This will have a supportive effect to repeat the behavior.

Finally, some accidents may occur during Guinea Pig toilet training . It is necessary to ignore them. Because these tiny creatures cannot understand evil and why. Hitting, shouting, spraying water on them, or lifting them by holding their nape can cause them to be afraid and thus alienate against their owners . Therefore, punishment should be avoided when trying to discipline Guinea Pig.

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