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Best Pet Guinea Pig | Advantages of Guinea Pig Feeding

Best Pet Guinea Pig | Advantages of Guinea Pig Feeding

Ginepig is a very popular domestic animal , especially in Australia, the USA and the UK . Ginepig , which has become increasingly popular in our country in recent years , is also known as “Guinea Pig” because it is used as an experimental animal . However, its Latin name is “Cavia Porcellus”, which means “Little pig “. However, there are many anatomical and characteristic differences between ginepigs and hamsters and mice. Ginepig, a rodent species belonging to the mammalian class, has 13 known species. The most popular of the Ginepig species , which are divided into groups according to their feather length ; Texel is American, Sheltie, Peruvian, Abessian and Skinny Guinea Pig. These as well as b i to adopt guinea pigs there are many reasons to. So why should you own a Guinea Pig as a pet ? Here is the answer to this question and more…

Main Reasons to Own a Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig and I can talk about the many positive features that makes it one of the best pet can be fed at home. The first of these features is that they are clean creatures . For this reason, they do not have a vaccine to hit . Again, care and feeding at least compared with cats and dogs G is much easier. But the features of the Guineapigs are not limited to these. There are many more reasons to own a Guinea Pig.

Guinea Pigler are Long Lasting Creatures

Guineapigs are very durable creatures. Normally their life is 5-7 years. If they live in a suitable environment and feed well, they can live up to 12 years . But like other pets , Guinea Pigs can get sick from time to time. Important conditions they may encounter include dental problems and conditions such as kidney stones . However, these problems can be prevented easily with a good nutrition and care. In order for Ginepigs to live a healthy and long life, the environment they live in must be in the range of 18-24 degrees. Normally, the organisms living in temperate regions due to made of more hot and humid environments if they can not stay.

In addition, Guinea Pigs can get sick by being affected by sudden temperature changes. However, compared with many other pet k it is also against temperature changes are much more durable.

They Can Build Great Relationships With People

One of the most important reasons for Ginepig ownership is that they are social creatures. It does not have bad temper like scratching and scratching. Therefore, it can be said that they are the most ideal pets for children. Again Guinea Pig’s are also timid creatures. They should definitely be under the supervision of parents, especially if they are preferred for children under primary school age.

Many animal lovers want to adopt a pet that they can embrace and love . Guinea Pigs, on the other hand, when they get used to people, when they are embraced and gently caressed, they sound like a murmur like cats and respond to the love of their owners. But they do not only show that they are happy or excited by murmuring. They can also make the jump movement called “popcorn movement”. It is very enjoyable to watch this movement and it is unique to Ginepigs .

Ginepigs can also make different sounds, such as teeth grinding and grinding . Also , every sound they make does not mean they are happy. Therefore, if you are considering adopting a Guinea Pig, it is useful to raise your awareness in this regard.

Easy to Maintain

Guineapigs are very clean animals. They clean the K end with their front teeth and tongue. Also the smell of feces of these tiny creatures our stand. Nevertheless, rodent base materials should be used in their cages to ensure their hygiene . These materials absorb the liquid and prevent the formation of bacteria. Base material should be completely changed every 3 days at most. Guinea pigs, who do their best to stay clean , are regularly combed for hair care ; It is sufficient to wash once a month in winter and twice a week in summer.

Feeding ginepig is as easy as cleaning . Special feeds are also produced for these creatures, which consume almost all kinds of vegetables and fruits with great appetite. The Guinea Pig feed on fruits and vegetables along with consume provide nutrition will y.

It is the best option for first time pet owners

Owning Ginepig does not require great responsibilities, such as cat or dog care. In addition, Ginepigler are very suitable creatures for the first time to adopt pets because of their longevity and good relations with people .

As a result, there are many reasons to feed a Ginepig at home . If you want to own an animal that you can easily feed at home, you can consider adopting a Ginepig.

Beware Of These Before Owning Ginepig!

If you want to feed a Guinea Pig in your home , you must first make sure that you have enough time for it. Because Guinea Pigler, like many other pets, expect interest and love from its owners. For this reason, you should spend time every day, love it, talk and play. If you show enough interest in your friendly charming itself feels good alone and away from you.

If you want to own a G inep ig for your child , then you should definitely consider your child’s age. Because if your child is very young, you cannot expect him to take care of the pet. A child of primary school age can play a greater role in Ginepig care. Again, Guinea pigs have a life span of 5-7 years. But, as we mentioned before, it is possible for them to live longer with good care. In this case, you should make sure that you can continue to take care of your child if he or she is bored or left home.

One of the important points to consider before owning Guinea Pig is to know if there is someone allergic to animal hair in your home. In addition, Guinea Pigs are creatures who love to make various sounds when they are excited, rejoiced or angry. You should also consider whether the people you live with can get used to this situation or not.

Although Ginepig care is easy, you should keep in mind that we say this compared to cat and dog care. For this, you need to make sure that you can cover the costs of caring for your pet friend. Because first of all, a Ginepig needs a big cage to move easily. You will also need to purchase Guinea Pig ingredients such as dry food, hay and base material at regular intervals . As a result, all of this means expense for you.

Finally, Ginepigs may have been living for many years, but this does not mean that they will not face serious health problems . Therefore, if you want to own Ginepig, you should first investigate the presence of a veterinarian with experience in Ginepigler near your home . Otherwise, when your pet friend gets sick, the time starts to work against you and it may be too late for him until you find a good veterinarian.

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