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Hair Loss in Cats and Precautions to Be Taken

Hair Loss in Cats and Precautions to Be Taken

Cats are creatures that lick themselves. In this way, they also remove excess hairs . But in case of excessive hair loss, they swallow more hair than usual. This can cause large hair lumps to form in their stomachs. If they cannot spit these balls out, they may face serious health problems. Again , hair loss in cats is an important part of their life cycle and cannot be prevented. However, as we mentioned before, excessive hair fall can cause many problems and precautions must be taken. In this sense, first of all, it should be determined whether the cat is shedding seasonally or because of any health problems, and then what should be done. Well,What are the causes of hair loss in cats ? What measures can be taken to prevent hair loss?

hair loss in cats
hair loss in cats

Why Do Cats Exaggerate?

Whether cats are short or long, the hair can be shed excessively throughout the molting season . Therefore, it is possible to find hairs even in areas where your cat does not approach at home. On the number of clicks although it may still be loose hairs on their body are excessive hair DOX. Cats often provide their own hygiene. For this reason, they lick their loose hair from their bodies. However, if they cannot remove these hairs they swallow, they may encounter various diseases such as constipation, duct obstruction or paralysis. In order to avoid problems due to seasonal hair loss in cats, you should brush their hair regularly and pay attention to their diet.

Hair loss in cats is not only seen for seasonal reasons. There may be many other causes of spilling. We can briefly explain these reasons as follows.

Malnutrition and Poor Quality Cat Foods

Cats may also be caused by excessive hair loss due to malnutrition. Because the digestive systems of these lovely creatures are very sensitive and the quality of the food they consume directly affects their health. Since the cats fed with poor quality cat food cannot fully meet their nutritional requirements, hair health deteriorates due to malnutrition. Also , hair loss in cats can be caused by a deficiency of vitamin B. Therefore , this problem can be eliminated with B vitamin additives.

IR internal and external parasite diseases such as fungal and r excessive can lead to moult i. When these elements cause hair loss, hair loss usually occurs in certain areas and then begins to spread throughout the body. The hair loss caused by the fungus starts around the cat’s nose, ears and eyes. Then it can spread to the paws, neck and nails.


Cats don’t like the changes very much. Therefore, the most ideal for them is a standard life. They may become stressed when their daily routine changes. Stress in cats again ; it may also be caused by other animals, environmental factors, or family members. Cats should be kept as far as possible from stress . Otherwise, they may shed excessive hair. In the summer, cutting hairs can cause serious stress in cats. This situation must be taken into consideration.

Various Diseases

Hair loss in cats me vsimsel or not related stress can be no doubting the existence of a disease . At the beginning of the diseases that trigger hair loss; Intestinal, kidney, liver and skin diseases are coming. For this, excessive shedding cats must be checked by a veterinarian. Because most accurate results veterinarians will give its recommendation s will be resolved and moulting problems with the treatment you receive.

Hormonal Changes

Cats; They experience hormonal changes during periods such as anger, pregnancy and mating. This can cause excessive hair loss. When these periods come to an end, hair loss decreases and over time it comes to a halt. However, if there is no reduction in hair loss, a veterinarian should definitely be consulted.

In addition, older cats also experience hormonal changes . These changes experienced in old age may cause hair loss .

Insufficient Water Consumption

It is very important that cats consume enough water. Otherwise, they may experience problems such as constipation, acceleration of heartbeat, drowsiness and dry mouth because they are dehydrated. Thirst can also cause hair loss in cats. For this, clean water should be kept next to the food container of cats , especially fed with dry cat food .

How to Prevent Hair Loss in Cats?

hair loss in cats
hair loss in cats

Excessive hair loss in cats is one of the biggest problems of cat owners. However, the hair loss of cats cannot be completely eliminated. Some precautions can only be taken to download at least. These can be listed as follows:

Vitamin B Supplement Should Be Used

We have mentioned that one of the most important causes of hair loss in cats is vitamin B deficiency. In this sense , the problem can be prevented to a great extent by using a vitamin B supplement with the advice of a veterinarian.

Proper and Balanced Nutrition Should Be Provided

One of the important factors for a cat to be healthy is proper nutrition . The same is true for cat hair health . B u so cat food should be treated careful in the selection. Again, home cooking should be kept away from cats. Because poor quality food and home cooking can cause hair loss in cats . Age and health conditions applicable to the cats fed food with the diet -induced molt do not experience with reasons .

In addition to these particular fish containing age for cats of hair loss in cats are reduction d A is highly effective. Because wet foods are rich in protein and support hair health. Accordingly, besides dry food for feeding cats, 1-2 times a week can be given.

Hairs Should Be Regularly Combed

If hair loss in cats is not caused by any disease, it can be significantly reduced with regular hair care. Collecting dead hairs with a suitable cat comb will allow them to be combed without scattering around. In addition, feather care will allow the knots formed in the hair of long-haired cats to open and prevent the lumps that may occur in their stomachs due to their lick .

Veterinary Controls Should Not be Interrupted

As we mentioned before, a lot of hair loss in cats may indicate some diseases. Therefore regularly taken to the vet s will precede the encounter with the molting problem.

In addition, cat hair has no harm in terms of human health. But there are intestinal worms and parasites in the intestines of cats . These parasites and intestinal worms are expelled together with the feces of cats. In addition, cats’ feathers may touch these parasite eggs. Ingestion of cat hair that touches parasite eggs can cause cyst formation in the liver and lungs. Therefore, attention should be paid to the hair health of cats as much as possible.

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