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Hibernation in Aquatic Turtles – Aquatic Turtles Care

Hibernation in Aquatic Turtles – Aquatic Turtles Care

If you have decided to feed a pet in your home and your preference will be in the direction of the water turtle, you should be sensitive about its care. Ö priority s as may turtles swim for the location of a turtle aquarium must obtain and the aquarium water temperature of 25 should take care to be between -26 degrees. Again when you want to rest and whenever you want in the aquariumThere must be an area where it can pass. But this is not enough to live a healthy life.. In addition to these turtles in aquariums fed in the home, from time to time but not every year hibernation n a , or as we know itin other words, they need to hibernate. However, if you do not know exactly what hibernation is and what you should do in this period, you can witness that your turtle is dead. So what is hibernation ? What do you need to know about hibernation aquatic in turtles ?

Hibernation in Aquatic Turtles

Why Are Turtles Hibernating?

In turtles, hibernation is instinctive and transferred from generation to generation. However, hibernation is not a sleep as we know it. Because night’s sleep, the body floods the requirement is and relax , we fall asleep in order to collect energy. The special situation called hibernation , that is hibernation , is not a physical need for turtles. If the temperature does not drop, no animals, including turtles, need to hibernate. Hibernation , briefly a structure defined as a deceleration, but this is a slow down so that vital functions are slowed down almost to the very death.

Normally living in the wild turtles , k ace and March they hibernate in the winter months. The purpose of hibernation is that turtles survive the winter. Because when winter comes, especially in reptiles , circulation and emptying of reptiles , a slowdown occurs. But turtles become very weak during their hibernation and their body resistance decreases, as they cannot store fat like other hibernating animals . Because of this slowdown, they are not fed enough and cannot protect themselves. For this, yet they are fed well before the winter months and nutrients are stored. As a result, turtles and other hibernating creatures hibernate to survive.

Do domestic turtles hibernate?

As we mentioned earlier, pet turtles each year could not be heard from time to time need not hibernate iirler . It should be noted here, however, that a hibernating water turtle can die if it is not regularly checked. In order for the hibernation to not cause the death of the animal, those who feed the water turtle in their home should be conscious of the hibernation process and create favorable conditions for the turtle.

Various studies conducted by experts have revealed that pet turtles should not be hibernated . Because no matter how old a turtle water is , the probability of losing life is very high , as it will be difficult to adjust the amount of nutrition during the hibernation period .

These as well as pet hibernating turtles in the water encountered in the process, including active and passive stands out two options. In order to keep the turtles active and prevent them from hibernating, the temperature of their environment should be kept above 22 ° C. Also, it is very important to put ultraviolet lamps in aquariums during this period as they cannot get the sun rays directly .

If a turtle is going to hibernate , in this case , it should be placed in a container with a small amount of water and kept in a dark place of 10 degrees until March until it is covered . For turtles under 6 years old, the first method should be preferred, that is, they should be kept active. The most important reason for this is that small turtles need a balanced diet in the growth process . If they are put into winter sleep, they will be deprived of the vitamins and minerals they need .Adult turtles are able deposited into hibernation. Because as turtles grow, their nutritional needs begin to decrease and their bodies become more suitable for hibernation.

It is beneficial to weigh the domestic water turtles that are put into hibernation before the process. When they are awakened from hibernation, they should be weighed and a nutrition program should be prepared accordingly.

Hibernation in Aquatic Turtles

How Long Will Hibernation Continue in Aquatic Turtles?

Water turtle in hibernation process lasts approximately 1-2 months. However, people who do not know enough about this process sometimes buried in the ground, thinking that their turtles are dead. However, conscious animal lovers know the signs of hibernation and take various measures. Accordingly, the symptoms of hibernation in aquatic turtles are briefly as follows:

  1. Not reacting to sounds and movements
  2. Reluctance to eat
  3. Dry a line of stroke than ever to

If you see these symptoms in your turtle, it may be preparing to hibernate. If you do not have any information about this process, it is useful to take it to a veterinarian instead of thinking about burying, believing that he died in the first place.

How to awaken hibernating turtles?

Hibernated the water temperature to be awakened for turtles should be kept above 28 degrees. Again, winter sleeping water can not be fed during the period and vitamins remaining turtles are hungry when they wake up galls . For this, they should be fed with turtle food rich in vitamins and minerals . Thus, they can regain their weight before hibernation. But in some turtles, constipation may be encountered. In such a case, it is useful to keep them in 30 degree water for 15 minutes a day for 3-4 days. Following this application, digestive systems are activated and their metabolism is accelerated. In a few weeks , they return to normal.

Hibernation in aquatic turtles should have known about the ones mentioned above is not limited. Besides, if a turtle will not be mated , it does not need to be hibernated . Instead, the water temperature 15-18 degrees reduced up to 2 months metabolism the slow mai achieved. This would be more beneficial for health.

Again the weakened or turtle patients should not be admitted to the hibernation. Also, hibernating doesn’t mean freezing. Except for the already painted turtles , the resistance of other turtles to frost is very low.

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