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Holiday Plan with Dog | Vacation and Travel with Your Dog

Holiday Plan with Dog | Vacation and Travel with Your Dog

If you are planning a holiday, you may consider taking your dog with you . In this way, your mind will not stay in your dog and you will be comfortable during the holiday. However, you can also choose to leave it to someone you trust or to a pet hotel. In such cases, you need to do some checks in order not to worry later . If you leave your pet friend to a pet hotel, the dog food used in the pet hotel may not be suitable for his feeding . In this case, you will need to provide the food yourself. But if you don’t want to leave your dog behind while on vacation, you need to make some plans before you go. So, how to make a holiday plan with dog ?

holiday plan with dog
holiday plan with dog

Holiday Plan with Dog

While on vacation with your dog came to him as a priority in order to avoid any problems, you teach commands like sit down and be quiet n must make sure. In this way, you will prevent you from meeting any embarrassing or most importantly dangerous situation. This practice should be done prior to traveling to commands perception by LA should test whether the correct response. Also k öpeği your dog to the park or your friends’ homes to test on this subject in the Take.

One of the most important details to consider when making holiday plan with dog is where to stay with your pet friend. For this, you should do a good research and learn about dog-friendly hotels and camping areas. Still not enter your dog swim in the sea from the beach, on issues such as whether the restaurant is allowed to enter also must stop. Some hotels that allow you to stay with your pet friend will not allow you to leave it alone on site. However, this does not mean that you are stuck in the hotel room with your dog.

While planning your vacation, you can explore the activities you can join together at the holiday destination you decide to go and take long nature walks and boat trips with it. In addition, if there are people who offer dog-looking and dog-walking services, you can contact them, while you are at a different activity, you can make your dog have a pleasant time like you.

In addition , you should take your medical records, health card and chip records, if any, before traveling with your dog . This will allow you to be prepared for emergencies. Your holiday extension or the possibility of a reversal in use for your dog considering special food and medicines should zoom should make sure you get adequate amounts with you. Because you may not find as many dog ​​food or medicine in holiday resorts as in big cities. Also favorite toy, food container, nail scissors, comb, toothbrush and toothpaste ni , passport If you are going abroad with drugs like sedatives for the journey should take your absolute y.

Finally, you should be realistic in your expectations before traveling with pets . Since your dog will be with you, what you want to do will be somewhat limited. During your travel, you must meet not only your needs but also their needs . Therefore, if you are planning to travel with your dog, you should not raise your expectations in your eyes and aim to have a pleasant time with your friend.

What should be considered while traveling with the dog?

You may worry that you will travel for the first time with your little friend. However, you can ensure that the journey becomes enjoyable for both of you with the precautions you will take by considering the transportation vehicle you prefer.

Car Travel With Your Dog

If you have decided to make your trip with your own car, you should leave your dog hungry at least 6 hours before the trip and make sure that it meets the need for a toilet bag before travel . To ensure the safety of your dog in the vehicle, you need to obtain some safety products. These include car windshield separator , chest harness with harness and dog carrying bags for luggage. It is very important to use such products to ensure the safety of both you and your dog during your trip.

If you are going to drive with the dog, you may need to take some soothing medicines for your pet friend. You can relax your stomach and prevent vomiting with these drugs, especially if you have a dog prone to motion. However, medicines must be used in consultation with a veterinarian. In addition, you should pay attention to the use of air conditioning in the vehicle in order to prevent your dog and vacation plans to end in frustration. Because intensive use of air conditioning can cause acute discomfort of the respiratory system in dogs.

Flight Travel with Your Dog

It is mandatory to use a dog carrying bag during the flight with the dog . This is the common rule of all airlines. Before purchasing your flight ticket , you should specify that you will travel with your dog and the weight of the dog when the carrying bag is at risk . Carrying case with with 8 lighter than kg dogs with passengers to Seyahi is allowed to t. However, this cargo to travel in the cabin on those of the weight is mandatory .

In addition to these, you should take the vaccination card with you when you go to your dog . Because it is not possible to be accepted on the plane with your dog without a vaccination certificate. Again, just as before traveling by car, you should starve your dog before travel, exercise and take care of the toilet needs.

Bus Ride With Your Dogholiday plan with dog

Bus companies do not accept pets on the bus, citing road legislation . If you need to travel by bus, you must inform the company in advance and put your dog in the luggage compartment. Some companies may not even want to put your dog in the trunk if the dog is unconscious . However, it is not recommended to give sedatives.

For this reason , you should not prefer to travel by bus unless it is compulsory . However, if you still need to travel by bus, you should ask the crew to open the trunk during each break.

Sea Voyage With Your Dog

It is also possible to choose the sea ​​voyage for holiday plan with dog . However, you have to follow international rules. Rabies vaccine is at the top of these rules. If you are going to travel abroad by ship, you should also take your cute friend’s passport with you. Depending on the company, the area your dog will travel in the ship may vary. Some companies have with your dog to be together does not allow and them pets carry a special section in which they prepare for the animals. But you are allowed to see your dog at any time. Yet some companies are may not allow dogs to enter the dining area or in the ship’s interior. For this, it is useful to get detailed information about the subject especially before traveling abroad .

Nausea and vomiting are more common in sea ​​voyages . For this, you can visit the veterinarian who you take your dog to before your travel and get information that will help you.

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