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Use of Milk Powder in Kittens | Kitten Nutrition

Use of Milk Powder in Kittens | Kitten Nutrition

Cats are self-sufficient animals. But we cannot say the same for kittens. A kitten is not yet capable of taking care of itself like adults. Therefore kittens Adopt If you think the menu should make sure to fill time in a healthy way can be separated from his mother. Because cats should be fed breast milk for the first 6 weeks. Breast milk , cats, strengthens the immune system and other body functions of contributes to its development. Thus, they become more resistant to diseases later in life. However, especially in spring and summer, we encounter many kittens on the streets. Some of these cats are abandoned by their mothers and deprived of breast milk. If you have decided to adopt a kitten whose mother is dead or abandoned, you can use kitten milk powder to feed it . Cat milk powder is a very good alternative for cats who are deprived of breast milk and, when used properly, contributes to their development . So, what is cat milk powder ? How should milk powder be used in kittens?

Kitten milk powder

Kitten Milk Powder and Benefits

Taking care of a baby cat is quite a challenge. Because kittens need careful care. When cared for with devotion and love, they can survive without their mother . When the babies are born, they spend the whole day with their mothers. This proximity keeps their body warm. If you are looking for a kitten for this, you need to take extra care to raise the body temperature. Because your little friend is not big enough to adjust his own body temperature yet. You can wrap it in a blanket or use a thermal cat bed . However, if it continues to cry or shiver and its paws are cold, it is useful to take the puppy into your arms.

One of the most important details about kittens care is their feeding. People often think that when they find a kitten, they can be fed cow’s milk . However, cow milk can cause digestive problems, especially for kittens . For this reason, the most ideal for kittens feeding is to use cat milk powder if it is not possible to suck breast milk .

Kitten milk powder is a food that contains the natural nutrients contained in breast milk and can meet all nutritional needs for offspring separated from its mother in the early stages. Milk powders prepared by taking mother’s milk as an example support the visual and reproductive functions with the taurine they contain. In addition, the lactose content of cat milk powders has been reduced. In this way, they provide easy digestion for kittens.


How Should Milk Powder Be Used In Kittens?

Care and feeding of cats leaving the mother in the early period is a very troublesome process. Especially the puppies whose eyes are not opened yet are much more difficult to care for. It is inconvenient to give dry cat food or canned cat food for feeding during this period . Because their bodies cannot produce enzymes that will digest and make these foods useful. Moreover, intestinal flora is not active enough to digest and break down food. For this reason, kittens milk powder should be used , especially for cats smaller than 30 days old .

Puppies use milk powder for cats on the content of the milk powder according to the brand and the differences show the can. Some milk powders are prepared almost to the consistency of water, while others are more dense. The most ideal for using milk powder is to follow the instructions on the packaging. Again, these foods that replace breast milk should be given at body temperature. This is in line with 38 degrees in administration is recommended.

Cat milk powder contains a high amount of quality protein and degrades within a very short time after reconstitution. Considering this situation, it should be prepared in sufficient quantity and it should be kept in the refrigerator in order not to be spoiled . In addition, when the cat is to be given again, it should be removed from the refrigerator and reheated and given at 38 degrees. But it should not be forgotten that kittens stomach and intestines are very small. Therefore, they need to be fed a small amount and frequently. Stomach capacities in the first weeks are approximately 50 milliliters per kilogram. Ö especially in the first 2-3 weeks of excessive milk powder should be avoided.

By default, cat milk powder should be given every 4 hours. The amount of milk powder in the feeding periods may vary depending on the cat’s need, breed and size. In this sense, the amount of milk powder to be given can be increased according to the need.

In addition , a sterilized cat bottle should be used when giving the cat milk powder , as kittens are not yet large enough to feed on utensils such as a baby food container and do not know when to stop . After putting the cat milk powder in the bottle in the specified rate, the cat should be taken into the lap with its head slightly tilted and lying on its back. Afterwards, the bottle should be taken to the cat’s mouth as a slight slant . However , when the cat starts to suck the bottle, the bottle should never be squeezed and the puppy should be given the opportunity to drink milk with its own suction power. Squeezing the bottle can cause the milk to escape from the trachea to the lungs and the cat to choke and die .

Kitten milk powder is a nutritious and rich food for cats. However, no additional food from their mothers, they suck s t place can not hold exactly . For this reason, differences can be observed in the rate of development of cats fed with breast milk and cats fed with milk powder. Naturally, cats that have breastfeeding opportunities will develop faster than others.

Kitten milk powder

Kittens Cats were given Cow Milk Milk Powder Instead it can you?

Milk is a natural nutrient for cats . However, cow’s milk cannot meet the nutritional requirements of cats . Moreover, it can cause various digestive problems, especially diarrhea. The most important reason for this is the decrease in the resistance of the cats to lactose after weaning . The decrease in their resistance to lactose means that they cannot digest the sugar in cow’s milk . This situation causes digestive problems like diarrhea.

As a result kitten cow’s milk of what is not breastfed it is what needs. Both in the breast milk of a kitten Did he hear the fat, full of nutrients such as proteins and antibodies are available. For this, they should be fed with breast milk especially in the first 6 weeks after birth. If the mother cat cannot be found, as we mentioned before, the puppy should be fed with cat milk powder , which replaces breast milk . In addition, it is absolutely necessary to consult a veterinarian in this regard.

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