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Long-Haired Cat Type

Long-Haired Cat Type

There are different breeds of cats in the world, and each of these breeds has distinctive features . From these distinguishing characteristics One of the t r dr. Because some cat species have short hairs, while others have long hairs. Long-haired cats , animal lovers most often to feed at home are among their preferred k animals. However, long-haired cats take more time to care than other species . China is the formation of tangles hair and prevent the health of the hair to protect the cat comband hair care products such as cat brushes need to be regularly groomed . So what are the types of long-haired cats ? What are the features of this cat species ?

Himalayan Cat
Himalayan Cat

Long-haired cat species and features

If you are considering adopting a long-haired cat , there are many long-haired cat breeds to choose from. These cat species and their characteristics are briefly as follows.

1.Angora Cat

As its name suggests, this white long-haired cat breed , whose homeland is Ankara , is elegant and at the same time quite smart. The world’s oldest and one of the most valuable race Angora cat, completely from natural mutation occurred has come. With their white plumage, green, blue and golden eyes, these cats are able to captivate cat lovers. One of the most important features of Ankara cats is that they do not leave their owners. Wherever their owners go, these cute cats want to accompany their owners during their night sleep.

In order for an Ankara cat to be healthy and long-lasting, all the treatments it needs must be done completely . Particularly long and fluffy hair on a regular basis should be scanned , cat brush dead hairs to be removed.

Ragdoll Cat
Ragdoll Cat

2. Ragdoll Cat

One of the things that come to mind when talking about long-haired cat species is Ragdoll k ‘s. At the same time large domestic cat breeds among the Ragdoll cats, has big blue eyes and an oval s . The stems of these cats, which attract attention with their silky feathers, are usually light colored. But there are patterns on the face, ear and tail . Ragdoll cats are also very kind and docile. They never bother their owners to get attention. Although they like to play games, they cannot be said to be as active as other cat species . These easily trained cats are called “Ragdoll” because they can lie like a baby when they go to bed. The word Ragdoll is an English word and means “rag doll”.

Ragdoll cats , which have very long hairs, do not tangle or shed too much . But they need serious hair care. If your hairs are combed with a steel comb twice a week, there will be no problems. In addition, it is necessary to perform nail and dental care at regular intervals.

3. Maine coon

This cat species, which is native to North East America , has a very dense and long hair structure. These cats, which attract cat lovers with their fluffy looks, are also loving and loyal creatures. Main Coons, who always love to be intertwined with the people and events around them, are open to learning and they accept innovations quickly.

Main Coon cats, which are among the biggest domestic cat breeds in the world , require careful hair care like all other long-haired cats . For this, dense hair must be cleaned of dead hair. Also the water is too warm even if they did not air a warm bath , hair will help in order to protect their health.

4. Persian Cat

Persian cats have a very interesting look with their long hairs and wide and flat faces . The eyes of these medium sized creatures are round and large. Eye colors are usually blue, green or bright copper. Its hair, which is one of its most important physical properties, is very frequent and long. Even the inside of his ears and under the paws are hairy. Iranian cats , which are among the long haired cat breeds , are also very intelligent creatures and one of the easiest breeds to live with. They also get along very well with children and dogs.

Persian cat care is more troublesome than other cat types. Because these cats are susceptible to certain diseases. They also need to undergo frequent heart examinations due to breathing problems. For this, veterinary visits should be made regularly. It is also very important to treat hair with a suitable cat comb and cat brush .

5. Himalayan Cat

This long-haired cat, which draws attention with its deep blue eyes and large size , was formed as a result of the mating of Siamese and Persian cats. The number of these cute creatures , which attract cat lovers with their gentle and loving attitudes , is very low compared to other species. Again, Himalayan cats are one of the most popular cat species in the world. In addition to their cute appearance, the fact that they are calm and loving creatures has a great effect on this. These cats, who love meeting new people and pets, are also very smart.

Himalayan cats are just like every other long-haired cat breeds require a good hair care, such as s . F to prevent formation of light periodically with the need to be scanned. In addition, nail, eye and ear care should be done, and their environments should always be kept clean. If you are thinking of owning a Himalayan cat, you should make sure that you can take care of all of them, considering that they are very few in number .

long-haired cat
long-haired cat.

6. Burmese Cat

SA home gu full and gentle demeanor with which a full house cat Birman Kedisan good, it is also quite loyal pet . It has a very nice appearance with its long silky hair and blue eyes. It is very easy to train because it is a smart cat. Always expecting love and attention from its owner and other family members, this type of cat constantly researches and loves to explore its surroundings.

One of the important details for Birman cat care is feather care. It is important to comb this type of cat with a suitable comb and to prevent scar formation. Again feather maintenance sprays used yl brightness of arak protected feathers and healthy appearance could occur.

The long-haired cat species are briefly mentioned above. But there are many more long-haired cat species that are not included in this list . Among other mentioned species; There are also species such as Somali cat, Norwegian forest cat and Balinese cat .

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