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What Is Neutered Cat Food? What are the types?

What Is Neutered Cat Food? What are the types?

Neutering is a surgical procedure that makes it impossible for cats to breed . During this process performed by veterinarians, testicles of male cats are taken. In female cats , ovaries are removed by surgical intervention during sterilization . Neutering has many benefits for cat health . The main reason for this is that female cats eliminate the risk of developing diseases such as ovarian and uterine cancer . Again in male cats, neutering is the cat’s testicular cancer. reduces the probability.  Accordingly, cats whose physical activity decreases tend to gain weight. In order to prevent such negativities, it is very important that they feed on sterilized cat food . So, what are the features of neutered cat food ?

neutered cat food
neutered cat food

Neutered Cat Food and Content Features

Cat owners should be informed about how to feed cats after infertility surgery. Because the life style of cats that experience hormonal changes after the sterilization operation also changes. Neutered cat food has an important place in the nutrition of these cats that need special care. Today, special foods for sterile cats are produced by many cat food brands . However, it should not be forgotten that vicious cat food is a special food variety and it should have some features . For this reason, it should be ensured that there are no products in the content of the food that will harm the cat’s health and should choose from high quality cat food brands .

The amount of fat that special foods are produced for sterile cats is very important. Because the fat rate of these foods should be lower than other foods. Accordingly , while 20% fat is present in a normal food , 10% mercury oil is contained in the neutered cat food . Again, the amount of protein contained in the content of vicious cat food is also important. Proteins are important basic molecules for cats in every period. But struggling with infertility disorders in the era of e d can on behalf of our strong in protein should be fed with vast foods.

The content of neutered cat food should contain a balanced proportion of magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. However, their high availability may cause kidney and urinary tract diseases. For this, sterile cat interior of food while the preferred rate at which the contents of phosphorus, calcium and magnesium that takes place must be ensured.

When vicious cat food is examined, it can be seen that they usually contain taurine. Taurine is an amino acid and is good for many diseases . Again, dogs are creatures that can naturally produce this amino acid . But the same is not true for cats. Therefore, they need to take a taurine supplement from the outside. The ideal way is to consume vicious cat food. Because these foods contain a preliminary amount of taurine.

In addition, the foods prepared for sterile cats do not contain artificial preservatives. These foods, which are rich in vitamins A, E and C, also support bone health.

Vicious Cat Food Types

Is the cat neutered but are produced in accordance with the age of the cat. Accordingly , it is possible to choose between kittens, adult and old cat foods. Prepared cat food for kittens provides healthy and balanced nutrition for both female and male offspring . These foods, which strengthen the immunity of the offspring, provide weight control and are beneficial for urinary tract health. K ısırlaştırıl have the appropriate dry food for adult cats, they contain taurine through the heart and gun retains the essence of health. These foods, which prevent plaque formation and provide fresh breathing in the teeth of adult cats, play an effective role in the protection of oral and dental health thanks to their calcium content.

Dry cat food that can be preferred for feeding neutered old cats is easy to chew and digest. They provide saturation and prevent obesity thanks to the high fiber content they contain . They also reduce the risk of older cats experiencing kidney failure thanks to low phosphorus levels .

Vicious cat food is also very diverse in content. These foods with options such as low-grain, salmon fish, chicken, tuna fish, turkey, liver, beef; It is offered in different quantities such as 1.5 kg, 3 kg, 12 kg and 15 kg .

neutered cat food
neutered cat food

The Importance of the Use of Neutered Cat Food in Terms of Cat Health

Failure to take the necessary precautions about feeding after sterilization in cats causes them to gain weight quickly and even cause obesity . It can be easily observed that physical activity decreases in overweight cats. Again, any weight gained in neutered cats; It also increases the risk of diabetes, bladder cancer, difficulty breathing and heart disease. For this reason, the most ideal is to consult a veterinarian and provide them with special food for sterile cats. Because neutered cat food varieties can be easily digested as they contain high protein . In addition, these foods containing low levels of carbohydrates are very effective for controlling weight in sterile cats .

There may be many reasons for the formation of stones in the kidneys and urinary bladder of cats . These stones, which are formed due to stress, thirst or advancing age, may also occur due to malnutrition . Urinary stone problem is frequently seen especially in sterilized male cats . Therefore, the nutrition of sterilized male cats should be treated precisely. It should be ensured that they consume cat foods that are balanced in terms of pH, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium ratio . In foods that are specially produced for bitten cats , the balance of minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus is carefully determined.

Neutered Cat Food How to Use?

Neutered cats can also be fed normal cat food . But in this case, the owners of the cats need to follow the cat very well. Otherwise, cats experiencing hormonal changes after sterilization can gain weight quickly. It is very difficult to achieve balance by adjusting the amount of food continuously according to the cat’s weight during normal food use . For this reason , the most practical method for feeding the vicious cat is to use a vicious cat food suitable for the age of the cat. However , the instructions for use written on the food must be followed. Otherwise, the vicious cat food that is consumed in excessive amounts may not prevent the cat from gaining weight and may cause it to gain more weight. For this reason, the recommended amount of use on the food package must be observed. Also , it should not be forgotten that cats that consume dry food need to drink more water than cats that consume wet food and fresh water should be kept near the food containers. However, if the cat refuses to drink water, sterilized canned food can be given several times a week .

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