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What are Rabbit Species? | Rabbit Breeds and Features

What are Rabbit Species? | Rabbit Breeds and Features

Rabbit is one of the mammal species that make up the “Leporidae (Rabbit)) family . These creatures, which are one of the most lovable creatures in the world and are often preferred as pets, respond to the level they see from humans and know to be part of the family.  Therefore, it is recommended that they are preferred by young and adult people as pets . Rabbits, with an average life span of 7-9 years, sleep during the day and are active at night. The upper lips of these cute creatures whose sense of smell is very advancedThere are sensory cells in it. In fact, d continuously moving causes of Umin i was this. There are over 50 species of rabbits named differently in the literature. But some rabbit species are more known than others. Here are these species and their general features …

rabbit species
rabbit species

Rabbit Types and Features

The rabbits, known for their married appearance, their impressive and cheerful attitudes, can also be fed at home if suitable conditions are provided, even if they live in mountainous areas . There are many types of rabbits, a mammal. The main rabbit species and their characteristics are briefly as follows.

Angora Rabbit (Angora Rabbit)

The Ankara rabbit is a bright, thin, long and soft fluffy rabbit that spreads all over the world from our Ankara province . This rabbit species, which the British sailors take to European countries , has not been seen in Anatolia for a long time. Despite its origin in Anatolia, the Ankara Rabbit , which has become extinct , was brought to our country by a Turkish living in Germany and started to be raised on farms.

The body weight of Angora rabbit, which is one of the most popular species in the world of rabbits, is generally 3.5-4 kg and its feathers are 15-20 cm long. Short neck , erect ears and round head of the tip end portion of the ear of this kind if there is tassel. Although they can have different colors, the most preferred ones for tame are white ones. Nevertheless b eyaz Angora rabbit other rabbit species are herbivores, such as cucumbers and lettuce, as well as vegetables such as carrots ready rabbit chow consume it is among the most beloved foods.

Animal species-specific Turkey located between Angora rabbits from hair a yarn obtained is type . Because the thin , shiny and soft feathers of this rabbit are very convenient to touch.

California Rabbit

Developed in the city of California in the United States, this species can be called a new rabbit species in terms of age . Fed for its meat and wool, the California Rabbit has a full and white body . Its plumage is of medium length and quite frequent. Again, legs, nose, ears and tail ends are dark, red eyes while i dr. A s weight from 3 to 5 kg. and a very rapid weight gain is observed in the offspring.

Dutch Lop Rabbit

You may have never heard of the Dutch Lop rabbit , which is among the rabbit species , before. Only after getting to know him a little bit can he become your favorite pet. The Lop rabbit was obtained in the Netherlands by breeding rabbits called Netharland Dwarf and French Lops . The tails of these rabbits, which have a very cute appearance with their low ears, are similar to pompom. Dutch Lop rabbits, which draw attention with their features and softness of their feathers, are compared to hamsters by many .

The Dutch Lop rabbit is a very playful creature as well as its cute appearance. Their weight can vary between 1-2 kg and they can live up to 12 years when they are cared for their care . The lop rabbit, which is among the rabbits that can be fed , is a living creature that can be given toilet training just like pet cats and dogs . In addition, unlike other rabbit species, there is no gnawing instinct. Although they tend to gnaw in the first 3 months of their lives, they are quite easy to be guided in this regard.

Dutch Dwarf Rabbit

Although the Dutch dwarf rabbit , which is often preferred for feeding at home , is similar to the Dutch Lop rabbit because of its name, these two types of rabbits should not be confused with each other. Dwarf rabbit species are very popular pets and were bred by crossbreeding in 1940. The weight of these rabbits, whose neck and ears are short, varies between 500 gr and 1.5 kg. Although they are smaller compared to other rabbit breeds , they always want to move, play and discover new things.

Dwarf rabbits are often thought to be suitable for gifting them to children because of their cute images. However , they are not recommended to be fed by children . Because dwarf rabbits do not like to be held constantly and can bite when they are stressed .

Rex Rabbit

The pure ones of Rex rabbits , developed in a village in France in 1919, are white. Their weight is on average 4 kg. This means they are larger than many types of rabbits. Still other rabbit breeds with when compared have the feet to smaller and medium-sized ears. So it can be said that they are different from many types of rabbits . Short and velvety feathers are fine but does not require too much maintenance. Otherwise, their fur may be damaged due to excessive brushing.

In addition, Rex rabbits ; they are very intelligent, loving and playful creatures. Also, maternal instincts are quite solid. Therefore, veterinarians can recommend the female Rex rabbit for the healthy development of the rabbits that remain without the mother .

Wild Bunny (Prairie Bunny)

Wild rabbits , which can be found from Central and Southern Europe to China , are also frequently seen in our country. The tail of these rabbits, whose weight can reach up to 7 kilograms, is about 10 cm. Extremely fast wild rabbits live for an average of 3-4 years and are much more durable compared to domestic species . Again, the soft feathers of these rabbits are covered with muscles. The average weight of an adult hare is 6 kg, and its length is 70 cm.

The hares, which are grayish in winter, take on a darker color in summer. Their ears, which have the most prominent features, can reach up to 14 cm and are very mobile.

All of them, as well as rabbit species above bah what the set is not limited. Y eryüz in Chinchilla Rabbit , New Zealand white rabbits , Burgogn red t avşar Thani, Buska white rabbits, Arctic hare, Vienna rabbits, Belgium There are rabbits and many other rabbit species may be mentioned such as the European rabbit.

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