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Causes of Stress in Fish | How to Prevent Stress in Aquarium Fish?

Causes of Stress in Fish | How to Prevent Stress in Aquarium Fish?

Stress is an important element in the life of all living things. But it is not always harmful. Even short-term stress has its benefits. Excessive or prolonged stress can have negative consequences on fish, as in many living things. In this sense , stress in aquarium fish can lead to various diseases and death. Illegal Fish then extreme stress, respiratory rate of lara to increase leads and the stress they want to get rid of a moment ago. If they can not get rid of stress y chronic diseases that line can be opened. B It is possible to treat certain levels of stress in relatives . However, it should be remembered that high levels of stress can be fatal and necessary precautions must be taken. So why do fish get stressed ? What should be done to prevent stress in fis

What Causes Stress in Aquarium Fish?stress in aquarium fish

Stress can be described briefly as the physiological and psychological effects of bad conditions on living things. Stress in aquarium fish is mainly due to the aquarium not being properly regulated for them. Researches on the subject have revealed that fish have a very strong immune system and are much easier to adapt to other creatures in new environments. However , if the small ecological system established in our homes for aquarium fish will be insufficient for them, every missing point will appear as a stre s factor . The better the fish habitats in the nature are imitated, the less likely they will get stressed. Accordingly, while creating a visual world for yourself in your home aquarium, you should take care not to make mistakes that will stress your fish . The most important factors that cause stress in fish can be handled under 3 headings.

External Factors Affecting Aquarium

Fish are creatures that are easily affected by external factors. The most important external factor is human. Therefore, the more isolated the aquariums are from the external environment and the less intervention in the aquarium, the more stress the fish will be. Still bothered by foreign mobility feasible fish a run . For this reason, the aquarium should be positioned in areas away from mobility instead of the middle areas open to external movements. Another external factor that causes stress in aquarium fish is high-intensity sound. For example, high-intensity audio systems can cause stress. In addition, these sound systems cause not only noise, but also vibration, and vibration has a negative effect on fish.

One of the causes of stress in fish is to take many flash photos. Therefore, it should be treated precisely that aquariums are not exposed to flash light for a long time.

Different Species Are In The Same Aquarium

Different fish species in the aquarium can get into stress by not getting along with each other. Because some types of fish move very fast and suddenly, others move slowly. This difference in movement in fish will cause them to be nervous and stress. Yet the same media not from the same species of fish habitat then share any good can cause stress. But although they are from the same habitat, there may be fish with different temperaments. Permanent exhibits a kind of aggressive behavior that turn with the more docile in nature and will cause them to enter the stress t r. Therefore, when choosing fish for the aquarium, compatible species should be preferred.

In addition, spouse fish can display more aggressive attitudes than others. In this case, other fish will be stressed. In order to prevent this, it would be much more convenient to look for spouses in a separate environment .

Adverse Aquarium Conditions

Poor water conditions are important factors that cause stress in fish. Particular attention should be paid to the hardness, cleanliness and pH values. For this, it is necessary to learn about the hardness and heat of the fish species that are looked after in the aquarium. Again aquarium lighting should be done correctly. If more than one lamp is used for the aquarium, the lights should be turned on gradually, not all at the same time . Otherwise, sudden light will create stress in fish. Higher intensity light is used in aquariums where plants are fed. In this case, shaded areas must be created for fish. Again, light all night open that causes great stress to the fish. Because the fishes sleep in order to gather energy and keep their metabolism strong. Some fish roam at night and cannot be comfortable in constantly lighted environments.

A aquarium floor material can also cause fish to experience stress. Because some fish form shaping sand storage areas and breeding areas and their time important the portion of spend under the sand. For this reason, a base material with characteristics suitable for the fish type should be preferred. Aquarium decor is to be likened to natural habitats as possible. Thus, areas where fish can be left alone and breed are created. For this, aquarium rock decor , various plants and logs can be used. In addition, excessive circulation in the aquarium causes the fish to get tired and stress. For this reason, a suitable aquarium filter and wave motor should be preferred for the aquarium .

In addition to what we have mentioned, reasons such as malnutrition, large number of fish in the aquarium, excessive drug use, loneliness and changing the aquarium can also cause stress in fish.


How to Prevent Stress in Fish?

In order to understand that the fish experience stress, it is necessary to know the characteristics of the fish species fed. For example, lots of living as a species when they enter the lot of stress from s to be alone separated elect . Also , the symptoms of stress in fish begin to act abnormally. In this sense , abnormal conditions such as sudden mobility in the fish, stopping at a certain point or opening and closing the mouth constantly may also be a symptom of stress .

Care should be taken to take the fish from the safe places to be added to the aquarium to prevent the fish from experiencing stress . Quarantine aquariums can be used for new fish if there is insufficient trust . When ensure that they are healthy if they can put in aquarium with other fish. Again, the quality of the aquarium water, according to the types of fish feeding and sheltering conditions also should be noted.

In addition , we have mentioned that adding new fish to the aquarium or using medication causes stress in fish. In such cases, fish stress relieving products can also be used so that the fish are not relieved and suffered stress . These products that can be used in fresh and salt water aquariums; plants, coral reefs, and damage to beneficial microorganisms , such as planting water’s pH level also does not cause any changes.

As a result, it is possible to treat stress in fish. A However, given always to be a good observer, and take necessary precautions , a fish that is eroded due to stress than returning to normal life is much easier. For this reason, it should be made conscious about the factors that cause stress in aquarium fish and they should be kept away from these factors.

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