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The 5 Biggest Dog Breeds in the World | The Greatest Dog Elves

The 5 Biggest Dog Breeds in the World | The Greatest Dog Elves

D throughout the record ünye the 400 has more dog breed. Each of these dog breeds has its own biological and physiological properties. In fact, every kind of instinctive as having different emotional intensity. B Less dog breeds and others will prefer not to have the guard and shepherd is suitable for home care. There are also significant differences in size and weight between the k dog breeds. For example, Chihuahua , one of the smallest species , can reach 23 cm in height and 3 kilograms in weight. These small dog species are generally suitable for home care. But some dog breeds there is a huge size that many people are afraid of convergence . These dogs, if they bailed out the foreground with imposing structures and protective properties at the same time become good friends with a mild temperament. So, what are the biggest dog breeds in the world ?


The World’s Largest Dog Breeds and Features

With large dog breeds of large dogs , some people may find it scary . However, beside the huge and scary look tame it is also known to be friendly and s . The 5 examples that stand out among these dogs that can even exceed a human height when they stand on their hind legs are as follows:

the biggest dog breeds in the world

1. Great Dane (Great Dane)

Known as the largest dog in the world , Great Dane is a German breed of dog. At the same time , it would not be wrong to describe the great Dane among mastiff dog breeds as “giant”. Because the men of the Danes can reach at least 76-79 cm and the females can reach 71-76 cm. But it is also known that a Dane named Gibson reached 1.07 m.

Great Dane also known as the Apollo of dogs, despite their long and heavy body very polite and approachable people against acts are dogs. Aggression is rarely encountered in these dogs, which can establish good relationships with all other family members, including children. The most important reason for the Great Dane dogs to exhibit aggressive attitudes is that they were not socialized adequately during offspring. Great Danes, who are not social enough, can get aggressive when they enter new environments or encounter foreigners.

Taking care of the world’s largest dog breeds , the Great Danes take care . Because they are living things that are prone to immobility and if they do not walk regularly, they may encounter health problems. Also, a great dane pup grows up very quickly. For this reason, they should be prevented from exercising too much to avoid bone and joint problems .


2. Irish Wolfhound (Irish Wolfhound)Irish Wolfhound

As the name suggests, this breed of dog, whose origin is based in Ireland, has faced the danger of extinction for a while. Therefore, their genes are enhanced by the genes of Great Dane dogs. Males of Irish wolfhounds, which are among the largest dog breeds in the world, can reach 84-91 cm in length. Females are 7-9 cm shorter than males. These dogs are instinctively programmed to be hunting dogs. But with their giant bodies , they are frightening for many . Therefore, they are also preferred as a guard dog. Despite all this, the Irish wolfhound exhibits extremely tame and friendly attitudes. These large dogs, which can get along well with children, are open to training.

In addition, Irish wolfdogs cannot live for many years. They live on average 6-8 years and their training needs are less compared to other large dog species .

English Mastiff3. English Mastiff

British Mastiff breed dogs with large body and strong muscle structure are among the biggest dog breeds in the world . So much so, in 1989, an English Mastiff named “Zorba” even entered the Guinness Book of Records with a weight of 143 kg. Their height is around 76 cm. As a guard dog for many years preferred the portly dog to be looked at home on the condition that enough to make exercise s . Again, if they are socialized enough, they can get along with children very well.

Dogs of the English Mastiff breed do not require much care. However, since they are not very active, the problem of obesity can be encountered. To prevent this, they should be provided with a balanced diet and exercise.

4.      Saint Bernard Saint Bernard

Considered as the national dog of Switzerland, St. Bernard breed dogs are one of the most common large breed of dogs . The length of this breed varies between 65-90 cm. Again, their weight can reach 50-81 kg. However, it is also known that a Saint Bernard dog named “Benedictine” reached 163 kg. It has become a very familiar breed of dogs thanks to Hollywood films. Bernard is a slow-moving and obedient dog. He is also extremely patient with other pets and children. But when it feels any danger, it protects its owner and region.

Saint Bernard can be fed at home if they move enough. However, they like to be outside more, and because of their thick hair, they do not like the hot climate. Therefore, a small garden will make them much happier. They also have 2 kinds of feathers when they are puppies and both are easy to care for. It is enough to comb regularly with a dog brush suitable for hair care . However, in some cases, dry dog ​​shampoo can also be used.

newfoundland5. Newfoundland

Newfoundland is a prime example among the largest dog breeds in the world . The length of the males can reach 74 cm, while the length of the females varies between 63 and 69 cm. The Newfoundland, a giant breed, are very tame and gentle animals. These dogs, known for their completely black hair, never hesitate to take the initiative when they deem necessary. They take very good duties as a rescue dog in the water and because of their muscular structure, they are very useful in pulling fishing nets on boats.

Newfoundlands ; they display friendly attitudes towards strangers, other animals and children. However, they can sometimes be clumsy and careful, especially when playing with children. Their training is difficult and very hard methods will prevent success. Therefore, it is beneficial to be patient and consistent. In addition , although dogs of Newfoundland breed require intense exercise, excessive exercise should be avoided in younger ones. Because Newfoundland puppies need energy for joint development .

We briefly mentioned above the 5 dog breeds and their features that stand out among the biggest dog breeds in the world . Other species that we can count among large dog breeds are; Anatolian shepherd dog , Caucasian shepherd dog, Leonberger, Naples Mastiff, French Mastiff, Pyrenees shepherd dog and Sivas Kangalı .

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