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Vomiting in Cats and Causes | Cats Vomiting Treatment

Vomiting in Cats and Causes | Cats Vomiting Treatment

Cats are creatures that have an important place in people’s lives. For this reason, many people who have cats have sadness and panic as if someone close to their family is sick . Or panic when faced with the cat, the cat that admirable one condition is vomiting. If you are feeding a cat at home, you have witnessed your little friend vomiting at least once. In fact , vomiting in cats is a very common condition. Therefore, you do not need to fuss in the first place. Because cats are very finicky creatures have to feather the cleaning themselves can swallow. To remove these feathers they swallow , vomitMa is quite normal . However, vomiting of cats should still be checked and well observed. If there are changes in routine behavior and symptoms besides vomiting, it is necessary to contact the veterinarian as soon as possible. Because the symptom of many cat diseases is vomiting, and therefore it is very important to observe cats after each vomiting.

vomiting in cats

What are the Causes of Vomiting in Cats?

M edi ‘s s vomiting cause is usually a food is too rushed to eat s as simple as a condition. However , there is a possibility that vomiting may result from a condition that requires medical attention . The act of vomiting in cats is often characterized by nodding and contraction of the abdominal muscles. In addition, symptoms such as paleness, swallowing and lip licking may also be seen. Again , it should be noted what vomiting , how much vomiting, how often vomiting the cat and whether vomiting is related to eating and drinking. Besides, the causes of vomiting of cats are generally as follows.

●      Removing Swallowed Hair

As we mentioned before, cats are very fastidious about body cleansing. Therefore, they are cleaned by licking their feathers. If they are not regularly combed by their owners, they swallow their dead hairs. Cat swallowing causes hair lumps to form in their stomachs after a while. They throw these balls out and throw them out. After this condition, which is very common in cats , only fluff is removed. It is very important to regularly comb the hair with a suitable cat comb or a cat brush in order to avoid hairball vomiting in cats .

●      Eating Fast or Overeating

Vomiting in cats can also be caused by eating too fast food . Because some cats consume their food very quickly and vomit behind. A slow eating food container can be used to prevent these behaviors of cats with a fast food eating habit . These food containers, which are specially designed for cats, prevent them from eating vomiting and preventing many other digestive system problems, especially vomiting.

In addition, overeating can cause our pet friends to vomit. Cats especially consume canned food with great appetite and may not realize that they are full. In this case, it is possible that they vomit excess food . If this is the case in your cat, you should drink water to supplement the water it lost two hours after vomiting .

●      Sudden Food Change

Vomiting may be encountered in cats, albeit rarely, due to a food change. In this case , long after he had seen during the cat and replaced the food he used to. If a food change is to be made, this should be done gradually, not suddenly. In this sense, new cat food should be added to the old food for a period of 7 days . During one week, the rate of new food should be increased while the rate of old food should be decreased. Thus, vomiting that may occur due to a food change can be prevented.

●      Poisoning

Especially outdated cat food , dirty water and various chemicals can cause poisoning in cats. When the digestive system of cats is faced with such a situation, it goes into defense and can initiate the vomiting action in order to be able to expel the harmful substance. But poisoning in cats is not always a condition that can be resolved by vomiting. If vomiting is not enough to clean the stomach and intestines, much more serious conditions can be encountered. Therefore, it is necessary to contact a veterinarian without losing time.

●      Kidney failure

Acute kidney failure is one of the factors that cause vomiting in cats. Because this situation develops rapidly, not in a long time like chronic kidney failure. In this case it experienced excessive fluid loss, and factors such as poisoning is can lead to vomiting.

●      Intestinal Parasites

Intestinal parasites, also called intestinal worms, are among the causes of vomiting in cats . In order not to encounter the internal parasite problem in cats , vaccines should be given regularly from the time of fry. Otherwise, internal parasites can even cause the death of kittens .

vomiting in cats
vomiting in cats

How to Understand Why a Cat Vomits?

Vomiting in cats reasons to briefly above , we touched. However, it is vital to understand why a cat vomits. If you are an inexperienced cat owner, it is quite normal for you not to understand why your cat vomits. Since vomiting of cats may indicate an important health problem, it is useful to get information about the causes and vomiting of vomiting. Accordingly, it may be useful to examine the way your cat vomits . The way the cats vomit is as follows:

Acute Vomiting: Acute vomiting is a normal condition in cats and is frequently encountered. They begin to vomit with an involuntary reflex to remove the hair they swallow, especially after cleaning their feathers. This form of vomiting is also called acute vomiting. In such cases, there is no need to worry.

Intermittent Vomiting: Intermittent vomiting in cats is not as innocent as acute vomiting. Because it may indicate a danger. If your cat is vomiting intermittently despite not having any disease, this is ; poisoning , diseases such as tumors and ulcers and can mean facing. If vomiting lasts more than a day , the cat must be taken to a veterinarian.

Blood Vomiting: Blood vomiting is a very dangerous form of vomiting and can be caused by very serious health problems.

Finally, one of the most effective ways for cats to stop vomiting is not to give water and formula until the vomiting is stopped during the first 2 hours following vomiting. Then, little by little water can be started. Again , it should be ensured that the cat begins to re-feed with a fat-free and salt-free diet . This regime boiled chicken and boiled potatoes in place can take. However, in some cases, use of antibiotics or serum may also be required under veterinarian control.

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