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Is Wet Cat Food Healthy? | Canned Cat Food Usage

Is Wet Cat Food Healthy? | Canned Cat Food Usage

Cats, like other creatures, need to feed primarily in order to live their lives in a healthy way. Balanced diet is an important factor that reduces the risk of encountering diseases. Malnourished cats also encounter problems such as developmental delays and immune system deficiencies in the musculoskeletal systems. Since cats are carnivorous , carnivores, they must consume protein . It is difficult for them to digest carbohydrates, and they need to remove certain substances, such as taurine . They can only meet these substances from foods of animal origin. Also kThe meat is very picky about food. So much so that even the tastes of siblings may differ from each other. In this sense, they should be fed with a healthy and suitable cat food. Fresh foods are the primary foods consumed by cats with great pleasure. So what is wet cat food ? What are the benefits and harms for cats?

What is Wet Cat Food?wet cat food

The wet foods that cats love are more delicious and appetizing foods compared to dry foods. In addition, the production of wet cat food is quite different from dry foods . K neoplasm foods are often cooked by rolling under high temperatures and pressures. Then, to add flavor to the food, oil is sprayed on it and vitamins and amino acids can be added. During the preparation of wet foods, meat, vegetables, cereals, oil , water and gelling agents are mixed , mashed and cooked in a steam tunnel to make it solid . Finally, it is cut into cubes and filled with sauce or gel and placed in containers. Due to the production processes of fresh cat food, it is quite difficult to obtain a fully balanced food. For this reason, it may be necessary to use nutritional supplements in the daily diet of cats .

Today, many cat food manufacturers produce wet food suitable for different ages and needs . There are many options that can be preferred for kittens, adults and old cats among these food types . Foods offered with different ingredients such as fish, steak, liver, veal, venison, turkey and mixed meat ; vegetables are enriched with various cereals, vitamins, minerals and oils . Additives are generally not included in wet foods. However, there are many different quality foods on the market and among them there are also low quality meat. For this reason, if a baby with a chicken meat in its package is sold at a very affordable price, you can understand that the chicken used is not very much related to the chicken consumed by humans, and the increasing parts of the chicken are used.

Are Fresh Foods Healthy for Cats?

They are foods containing 75% water in the content of wet cat food . This is an important amount especially to meet the water needs of cats that do not consume water. Water, which is also in wet food, helps food to be digested easily. Cats are susceptible to kidney diseases. In cats fed with wet food, the probability of developing kidney diseases will decrease , as water intake will seek.

Age foods produced using quality and healthy ingredients have no harm for cats. However , when purchasing wet cat food , its contents must be strictly observed. Looking at the back of the food, the first ingredient must be meat. In addition, high-grade foods such as corn and rice are also offered for sale . T Ahilea to increase the weight and cost are often used with the aim to reduce . For healthy feeding of cats, it is necessary to stay away from high- life foods.

In addition, the constant feeding of cats with wet food can lead to various health problems. Dental diseases are the leading health problems. Because wet food can accumulate between the teeth of cats and cause tooth decay and even tooth loss. Also, as we mentioned before, fresh foods are delicious and appetizing foods. But cats , if they are age consume more food than they need can quickly gain weight. Overweight, on the other hand, can cause many more diseases such as obesity and diabetes. Therefore, it should be ensured that cats consume wet and dry food in a balanced manner.

How often should cats be given wet food?

It is a very healthy food for cats if consumed in the decision of wet cat food. Because cats are carnivorous creatures by nature and therefore it is useful to feed them with meat-like foods at certain intervals. But canned food is similar to real meat, and cats may refuse to consume dry food if given too much . This can be detrimental to both cat health and the owners’ budget. It is enough to give 1 or 2 times a week to prevent the cats from being harmed due to excessive food consumption . However, it would be a much better decision to consult a veterinarian on the subject .

What to Consider When Choosing Fresh Cat Food?wet cat food

Choosing age food for cats is an important issue. Because there are many wet cat food on the market and choosing from them can be confusing for cat owners . In this sense, some points should be considered while purchasing wet food . We can briefly explain these points as follows.

  1. The needs of the cat should be considered: Cats should consume dry food as well as dry food in order for their digestive systems to function properly . However, when choosing among the wet cat food varieties , the sex, age and health status of the cat must be taken into consideration. Otherwise, the health of cats fed with foods that do not meet their needs may be impaired.

2. Low-protein foods should be avoided: Foods consumed by cats should contain significant amounts of protein. For this reason, a selection of wet cat foods with a high protein content should be made. In addition, the carbohydrate ratios in the food content should be checked and it should be paid attention to the small amount of starchy foods such as rice and corn.

3. Sufficient Care of Sufficient Water: It is important that cats consume not only the pieces of meat in food but also the sauce of the food . In an ideal wet food, the liquid rate should be at least 75% . In this regard, while choosing wet food , it should be noted that it contains enough water .

In addition, when purchasing wet food for cats, the expiration date of the food must be checked. Because the freshness of formula is a critical condition for cat health and stale foods can cause poisoning in cats.

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