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  • Dog For Rehoming Indianapolis
  • Dog For Rehoming Indianapolis
  • Dog For Rehoming Indianapolis
  • Dog For Rehoming Indianapolis
  • Dog For Rehoming Indianapolis
Price : $100.00
Date : 28/09/2020
Location : indianapolis

I got a dog Pre-Covid. My husband and I adopted him from a young couple that kept him locked in a cage 24/7 and weened him too young.

We’ve worked on many of his issues but he is nothing that we were prepared for. 

We were told he was going to be a 20 pound beagle mix but he seems to be more of a 35 pound fox hound mix. We didn’t care because he has a good heart so we tried to work with it. He knows how to sit, lay down, and go to his place but he cannot stop destroying our house.

We take two, one hour walks a day and one 7 mile hike on Saturdays but that still isn’t enough to get his energy out. 

I ended up getting pregnant shortly after we got him and since my son’s been born his behaviors have gotten worse. 

He has been VERY territorial and has started snipping at hands if he has something he shouldn’t. (I never snatch anything from him we always make trades; but sometimes I don’t realize he has grabbed something and just snaps if I get close). 

He’s gentle around my son (my son is 4 months old now) but we invite our friends children over so he can try to get used to them toddling around. He hasn’t attacked anyone but he is a very excited boy and he plays too rough. We also have a cat that he used to be friends with but he has started attacking him and we have to lock our cat up in his own room. When he’s around one or two other dogs he plays a little rough but he has been okay so far as long as they’re bigger than him. But he has also been socialized with them since he was a puppy.

My house is destroyed, he didn’t pass the test to get into doggy daycare because he was too aggresive, and I’m very worried about when my son gets up and starts walking around. 

He’s calm and sweet and LOVES to be in your lap and cuddle in bed (when one of us is alone with him). But he’s VERY jealous if we are all together and he has extreme separation anxiety. 

I’m sorry if this is too long but I just adore him. We don’t think we can keep him anymore and I feel like he deserves a life where he is happier. 

I’ve tried different trainers and techniques. I’ve tried socializing him more. I’m just lost and losing my mind. He’s only a year and a few months old and I got him fixed as soon as vets started opening up. 

Mention Pet-Finders when calling seller to get a good deal


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